Staff Vasiliki Athanasakou

Vasiliki Athanasakou


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Other or Unknown Doctoral Programme in Business, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, 2006

Senaste publikationer
Vasiliki Athanasakou, Daniel Ferreira, Lisa Goh2017,'Changes in CEO Stock Option Grants',
Vasiliki Athanasakou, Ana Simpson2016,'Investor attention to rounding as a salient forecast feature',International Journal of Forecasting,vol. 32,no. 4,pp. 1212-1233.
Vasiliki Athanasakou, Khaled Hussainey2014,'The perceived credibility of forward-looking performance disclosures',Accounting and Business Research,vol. 44,no. 3,pp. 227-259.
Vasiliki Athanasakou, Norman C. Strong, Martin Walker2014,'The relative concentration of bad versus good news flows',