Student life

Studies at Hanken are much more than just attending classes. Through the numerous activities on offer outside of the classroom, you build your personal and professional network. Don’t miss out on the committees, student societies, and parties!

The student union and the Masters' Committee

With numerous committees and societies within the realm of the student union SHS, Hanken students are actively involved in extra-curricular activities. With everything from case competitions and start-up evenings to sports events and themed parties, the student union caters to a variety of interests. You can find the student union on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

The Masters’ Committee (MC) is the section of the student union that caters mainly to Master's students. They provide all new Master's students with student tutors prior to arrival and organize both social and professional events to make sure you have great time. The Masters' Committee takes care of a Facebook network for Masters' students which you'll be invited to once you start your studies. You can also find them on Instagram.


Studying in Helsinki and Vaasa

Hanken operates in two locations; in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and in Vaasa, a coastal city in Ostrobothnia. In both cities, Hanken is situated right in the city centre, a walking distance from main attractions, with excellent public transport connections.

What is it like to study in Helsinki or Vaasa? Through the links below, find out what our students have to say, as well as information about housing.