Support for study planning

This page contains information about who to turn to when you have questions about study planning.

General study counselling

The study counsellors help students in matters regarding the degree structure and which order to take specific courses. If you have questions about transfer of credits, you can also talk to one of the study counsellors. If you are interested in applying for JOO studies at another university, you should discuss it with a study counsellor before applying. See the Study Services page for office hours of the study counsellors.

You can turn to the the course examiner when it comes to matters concerning specific courses (for instance prerequisites). Please visit the teacher during his/her office hours or contact him/her by email. The contact information of the teachers and staff is found by searching by name on the Contact List   

Study psychologist

In matters concerning study skills, motivation, time management, stress management and thesis writing you can turn to the study psychologist. Information on how to book an appointment is found on the Study Services page

Students with special needs

If you have special needs, please turn to the study counsellors. Together, we can look into what special arrangements might be needed and carried into effect. 

Combining top-level sports and studies

Hanken is a member of Metropolitan NOC elite sports academy URHEA (Huvudstadsregionens idrottsakademi/Pääkaupunkiseudun urheiluakatemia) in the Helsinki area since 2014. In Vaasa, Hanken has a collaboration with Vasa sport academy (Vasaregionens idrottsakademi/Vaasanseudun urheiluakatemia). URHEA and Vasa sport academy are organisations that support top-level sportsmen to combine studies, sports and everyday life. Degree students at Hanken that are top-level sportsmen can apply for a membership in either organisation, more information (mainly in Finnish) on the organisations’ homepages:  
Urhea (for students in Helsinki)
Vasa sport academy (for students in Vaasa).

Hanken’s involvement in these organisations does at a practical level mean that study counsellors and teachers at Hanken may to a certain extent offer individual study arrangements for students who are members of these organisations. Potential special arrangements can be considered only if you contact the study counsellors/teachers well in advance before course start.

If you are a top-level sportsman studying for a bachelor's or a master's degree, your Hanken contact person is Eva Molander if you are studying in Helsinki (studycounsellor-hki(at) or Britt-Mari Siironen if you are studying in Vaasa (studycounsellor-vaasa(at)