The 20th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference

The 20th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference

International Entrepreneurship in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges

August 23-25, 2016

at the Department of  Management,

Hanken School of Economics, Vaasa, Finland




Hanken School of Economics is proud to host the 2oth McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference (MIE).  The MIE conference is designed to bring together state-of-the art research from the fields of entrepreneurship, SMEs and international business. The goal is to analyze patterns and forces, which in the future will influence international entrepreneurship.

Special sub- themes  are

  1. how new business models can be generated in IE
  2. how coopetition  impact on IE
  3. how a turbulent international environment affect IE.

Empirical and conceptual research papers, or work-in-progress papers related to the following topics are welcomed:

  • Cooperation and competition as strategies for IE
  • IE and busniess models
  • Knowledge transfer in IE
  • IE in emerging markets
  • Impact of social relationships in IE
  • Internationalization processes in IE: Networks and patterns of International New Ventures (INV)
  • Inward Internationalization in IE: Supply Chain Management and International Purchasing
  • IE as part of the value creation process
  • De-internationalization and its consequences
  • Role and impact of the board of directors on internationalization process in SMEs
  • Impact of international alliances and mergers on the internationalization of SMEs
  • Methodological issues in IE research
  • Applications of analytical frameworks and measurements that capture the presence, and evolution, of distinctive capabilities in IE
  • Cross-national comparisons of internationally-oriented entrepreneurs
  • Impact of entrepreneurially oriented firms on regional and national economies
  • Internationalizing SMEs and emerging digital economies
  • Challenges and opportunities for IE
  • Other topics relevant to the theme of the conference

The McGill international Entrepreneurship (MIE) conference series has traditionally examined the frontier issues related to entrepreneurial internationalization and internationalization of entrepreneurially oriented smaller firms. These firms, in their various manifestations as international entrepreneurs, International New Ventures, Born Global, High growth and Rapidly Internationalizing Enterprises, have significantly contributed to the growth of the global economy in the past few decades. They do so by deploying innovative and competitive strategies to achieve growth at home and global markets, influencing the dynamics of competition, and forcing more established firms to re-examine and rethink past strategies. Their role is likely to be even more crucial as the global economy blows hot, cold or lukewarm, across geographies and sectors, presenting a myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges in the process.

Following the tradition of previous conferences since 1998, the aim is to bring together insightful academic scholars, practitioners and policy makers with interests in international entrepreneurship, internationalization and growth of SMEs to examine the potent forces, influences, dynamics and emerging developments in international entrepreneurship. In previous plenary sessions, prominent scholars, including Zoltan Acs, Howard Aldrich, Paul Beamish, Nicole Coviello, Hamid Etemad, Jean François Hennart, Jan Johanson, Jerome Katz, Peter Liesch, Rod McNaughton, Benjamin Oviatt, Patricia McDougall, Tage Koed Madsen and late Alan Rugman, among many others, presented provocative ideas in moving research frontiers forward.

The 2016 Summer Conference will follow that tradition in three parts:

i) Plenary Session and Research

Intensive Workshop:

An intensive, two-day Research conference, featuring plenary session with key speakers and parallel sessions of competitive papers, will focus on examination and further development of potent concepts, frameworks, theories and methodologies for better understanding of internationalizing entrepreneurial firms, their challenges and prospects. This part will provide a unique opportunity for scholars to discuss path-breaking concepts, ideas, frameworks and theory-essentials. Only unpublished completed, or nearly-completed papers, are invited for presentation and feedback from other scholars and invited practitioners and policy makers. A selected list of papers will be considered for further publication in scholarly outlets – see the section on ‘publications’ below.

ii) Business/Professional Workshop:

This part will consist of an open plenary session for interaction and sharing of insights with members of the business and policy communities. Executives from international/ internationalizing firms and policy communities will be invited to interact with scholars and share perspectives on issues of mutual interest. The focus will be on a better understanding of actual issues facing entrepreneurial firms in their quest for international growth and also on the policy challenges for creating enabling environments.

iii) Doctoral Colloquium

This one-day intensive workshop is designed to address issues of importance, opportunities and challenges in the rapidly advancing field of International Entrepreneurship for Doctoral Candidates and new scholars of the field.

They are encouraged to participate in the entire conference fully as well. 



Doctoral Colloquium Program.pdf



Leading-edge contributions from the previous conferences have appeared in prestigious journals, including Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Journal of International Management, Journal of International Marketing, Management International Review, Small Business Economics, among others. McGill International Entrepreneurship Book Series (Edward Elgar Publishing) have also published five volumes of conference papers with two additional volumes under preparation. This Conference will follow the same practice and will aim to publish cohesive sets of articles in edited volumes and special issues of high impact journals. For a selected list of publications from past conference papers, see


Cohesive proposals are invited for sessions covering:

  1. aspects of theory building, theory testing, and methodology,
  2. pedagogical cases and
  3. other conference-related topics.

Please email Conference Chair, Professor Sören Kock at,  or Professor Hamid Etemad

Key Dates

Monday, May 2, 2016
Submission deadline for extended abstracts

Monday, June 6, 2016
Feedback / Acceptance

Monday, July 11, 2016
Submission deadline for completed papers & detailed synopsis of PhD research

Participant fee

Participant fee 350 euro, PhD student 200 euro.

Deadline 20th of July

Participant fee after 20th of July is 400 euro, PhD student 250 euro

Registration and payment:

Submission and Contact Information




20th McGill Conference Program.pdf


Conference chair:

Professor Sören Kock, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Professor Hamid Etemad, McGill University, Canada
Professor Sarah Jack, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, Lancaster University Management School, UK
Professor Joakim Wincent, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Professor Maria Bengtsson, Umeå School of Business, Sweden
Professor Pia Arenius, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Dr Tamara Galkina, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
PhD student Vaiva Stanisauskaite, Hanken School of Economics, Finland


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