Maturity test in Commercial Law or Accounting in Helsinki

Here you find information on maturity tests in accounting or commercial law.

Following the submission of your thesis, and after getting familiarized with the  maturity test structure, the relevant department personnel should be contacted in order to arrange the date for the maturity test.You can write the maturity test as a written exam in a classroom or as an e-exam on the computer.

Paper Exam

It is possible to write maturity tests on every official Hanken exam date. During exam weeks, there is usually an exam opportunity every day, except Sundays. During the rest of the year, exams are arranged most Saturdays.Choose a suitable date to sit your maturity exam and then contact your supervisor and the department administrator in order to get it confirmed. Please also observe that you need to take the Timetable for graduation into account.When you have received confirmation that you can write the test on the chosen date, your thesis supervisor will write the exam questions and the administrator will provide you with the exam paper on the exam date. (The exam room will be displayed on Hanken´s info TV screens on the date of the exam.)


Contact your supervisor and the department administrator in order to agree on a date.Here you find information on how to register for an e-exam.Here you find information on how to write an e-exam.


In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact: