How do I find an apartment?

Information about housing in Helsinki and Vaasa.


Degree students at Hanken are responsible for arranging for their own accommodation.

Finding suitable accommodation in the Helsinki region can be challenging, so we advise you to start looking right after receiving your welcome package. The rental level can be high on the private market (approx. 700€ for a studio apartment in Helsinki) due to a lack of housing in the region. The peak time is at the beginning of the academic year.

Apartment hunting advice: 

  • Apply early and reserve time for finding an apartment!
  • Apply for apartments simultaneously through various channels
  • If you are offered a suitable apartment, accept the offer instead of waiting for a better one - the real estate market is fast-paced
  • Be flexible regarding location - it is easier to find an apartment outside the city centre and campus area
  • Remember to cancel unnecessary applications after finding an apartment

Remember that it is easy to travel around the Helsinki region: the public transport system is ranked among the best in Europe! You can check the transport connections from your apartment to the city centre or campus area on HSL's Journey Planner.

Student housing options in Helsinki

Apply for housing through the Foundation for student housing:

  • Foundation for student housing in Helsinki HOAS 

Hanken has partnered with HOAS reserving a limited number of HOAS apartments for non-Finnish new students at Hanken. The apartments in question are furnished apartments with shared kitchen and the rental agreement is for 12 months. Any inquires concerning these apartments are to be address to HOAS, not Hanken, since HOAS is the provider of this housing option.

Not all students are able to get housing through HOAS. Only around 50 % of the international students in the Helsinki metropolitan area live in HOAS housing.

HOAS also has a Facebook page where you can ask them questions. 

Student Housing options in Vaasa

Students admitted to a specialisation in Vaasa can apply for In Vaasa, the students can usually get student housing through The Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa, VOAS.

  • Foundation for student housing in Vaasa VOAS 

Other useful housing links:

Property search terms in Finland:

Finnish English
Alue Region (e.g. Uusimaa)
Aluetarkennus District (e.g. Helsinki)
Asunto/Asunnot Apartment/Apartments
Etsi/Hae Search
Hinta Price
Huoneluku Number of rooms (often shortened to 1h, 2h etc.)
Kaikki All, everything
Kerrostalo Block of flats
Loma-asunnot Holiday houses
Maakunta Province (e.g. Uusimaa)
Omakotitalo Detached house
Pari-talo Semi-detached house
Pieni Small
Pinta-ala Size (m²)
Talo(t) House(s)
Vuokra Rent
Vuokra-asunnot Rental apartments