Arrival and Pickup service

Information about pick up service and keys during the fixed arrival dates.


At both campuses a group of tutors, (in Helsinki called the Exchange Committee, EC), acts within the Student Union of Hanken as a support group for exchange students. One important task is to pick you up at the airport /harbour/railway or bus station if you will ask for pickup in in the online system. To make it possible for the Hanken to arrange the pickup service efficiently, you must upload you Arrival data in Mobility online by 1 August/1 December and mark if you want/do not want a tutor to pick you up upon arrival.

If you will arrive during the two fixed arrival dates and have requested a tutor this guarantees that a tutor will meet you, will have the key to your apartment and will take you there.The tutors will pick you up almost around the clock during these two dates. Please note there will be no pickup during the night between 1 am and 7 am. If you arrive at the airport during the night hours (Helsinki/Vantaa airport) you will have to book a room at a hotel/hostel close to the airport or wait at the airport until the morning 7 am when a tutor will pick you up.

Arrival days in Helsinki Spring 2020: 14-15 January 2020. 

When the pickup plan has been finalized by the tutors (a few days before the arrival days), the tutor who will meet you will contact you about the set up, e.g. the meeting point.


  • Be sure to give us all flight (boat/train) details and your correct contact when uploading your arrival data in Mobility-Online.
  • Inform us about any changes in your travel plan! ANY changes AFTER the upload deadline (1 August/1 December) MUST be communicated in an e-mail to in order to reach us and the tutors, because we print the Mobility-Online arrival report only once after the deadline.

Key delivery in Helsinki and Vaasa

HOAS key delivery in Helsinki:

HOAS keys in Helsinki are collected by Hanken from HOAS in mid August/early January. 

In case you will arrive before mid August you must pick up your HOAS key yourself from the HOAS office during office hours, 9am-4pm, check at

Should you arrive outside office hours or a weekend we recommend that you check in at a hostel or hotel.

VOAS key delivery in Vaasa:

NB! Keys to a VOAS apartment are not given before 1.9 unless the student signs a tenancy agreement for August and pays full rent for August. 

The tutors in Vaasa will pick up the keys for you so that you get it from them.

Late arrival for Orientation

Please not ethat the Orientation course is mandatory at at both campuses. We accept late arrival for Orientation course in case you have some serious obstacle in arriving during the assigned days in Helsinki or Vaasa, i.e. you have exams at your home university or an internship abroad. You must contact incoming.mobility(at) as soon as you know that will arrive late for Orientation.