Workshop 2 - Delivering Aid to Ukraine

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Time: 10.30-12.00
Location: On-site (Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki)
HUMLOG Presentation

The Academy of Finland (nr 3037) funded project "Cash and/or carry" which focuses on the different modalities for the delivery of aid in conflict zones. From its inception, the project has included a focus on Eastern Ukraine, which at the time was a frozen conflict presenting distinct challenges related to reaching people on either side of the contact line. With the Russian invasion from February 2022 onwards, these issues have gained increased prominence and aid is now delivered in various ways to a vast number of people in Ukraine.

This presentation will focus on how people are being reached in Ukraine and what determines the best way to deliver aid in a conflict zone, also looking towards conflicts that are not as present in media coverage and public perception.

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Sarah Schiffling, is an Assistant Professor SCM & SR at Hanken School of Economics. She previously worked as Lecturer in Logistics and Operations Management at the University of Lincoln, UK. She obtained a PhD in Humanitarian Logistics from Heriot-Watt University, UK. 
Sarah's research interests include pharmaceutical supply chains, disaster relief operations, and supply chain management in developing nations. Her current projects focus on vaccine supply chains, logistics in conflict areas, commercial-humanitarian interactions, and project management. Sarah speaks fluent German. She recently completed secondments with companies in Germany and Switzerland as part of an EU-funded Horizon2020 project. Sarah frequently delivers guest lectures on humanitarian logistics and pharmaceutical supply chains in the UK and abroad. Her recent publications include papers in the International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Annals of Operations Research, and the International Journal of Production Research. She has appeared as a supply chain expert on TV for EuroNews, ITV, Sky, BBC News, and ZDF (Germany), as well as on radio in the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Sarah Schiffling