Challenging corporate irresponsibility through culture jamming interventions

Subvertising workshop
Welcome to Culture jamming - An activity at the interface of art and activism that challenges societal power structures!

Time: 12:30 - 14:00
Place: Online

*photocredit subvertisment: Häiriköt-päämaja

Culture jamming is an activity at the interface of art and activism that challenges societal power structures. Through the alternative versions provided by culture jamming, the world can be seen differently, which in turn can enable societal change. In Finland, Jari Tamminen and his Häiriköt team have practiced culture jamming for several decades, notably through 'subvertisements'. During the workshop we will mainly focus on culture jamming interventions used to expose corporate irresponsibility and pressure corporations to act more responsibly.


12:30   Introducing culture jamming and subvertisements 

12:55   Subvertisement exercise in groups 

13:10   Debriefing of the exercise 

13:25   Two illustrations of how culture jamming can challenge corporate
            Eeva Kemppainen 
            Kristo Muurimaa 


Jari Tamminen

Jari Tamminen, journalist at the Voima magazine. His main focus as a journalist has been on the Culture Jamming, political culture and activism. Also as a part of his work at the Voima he has led the Voima's subvertisement team. Tamminen sees subvertisements as a form of visual storytelling and experimental photojournalism, art, and activism.

Tamminen also is the CEO of the Häiriköt-päämaja (Jammers/Troublemakers HQ). Häiriköt-päämaja is a science communication project that brings together provocative art and academic research. The subvertisements that Tamminen and his team has produced have secured their place as part of the curriculum in the Finnish schools. The works have also been widely shown in art exhibitions in museums and galleries.

Eeva Kemppainen

Eeva Kemppainen, geographer, global education specialist and activist. Eeva's work is focused on three main areas: sustainability in world trade and consumption (the human rights, environmental & climate impacts of clothes and electronics, for example), subvertising and cultural activism as critical pedagogical tools as well as projects of young people and schools making a social impact. In her work in Finland and the UK, Eeva has produced influential teaching materials, such as a guide for running a subvertisement workshop, and trained thousands of young people, teachers and NGO volunteers. Eeva has developed global education at Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry Eetti (Pro Ethical Trade Finland), Maantieteen ja biologian opettajien liitto BMOL ry (Association for biology and geography teachers in Finland) and Kuilut umpeen (Closing the gap) project, collaborating closely with prof. Ian Cook (University of Exeter, UK) and Häiriköt-päämaja.

Kristo Muurimaa

Kristo Muurimaa, mid-level manager at animal rights group Oikeutta eläimille. He's the author of 'Animal Factories' (Eläintehtaat), a photobook portraying the dark corners of the human–animal relationship. His hobbies include investigating factory farms, running and bird watching.