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Let our PhD Student Ambassadors introduce you to Hanken and the life of a young researcher

Meet our PhD Student Ambassadors - all of them have a different background but found their place on Hanken PhD Programme!

Feel free to contact them and ask about their experience on studies. If you have questions about the research proposal it is a good idea to contact degree supervisors


My research area is consumer behaviour: I study how consumers make choices and, more specifically, how those choices are irrational. I try to combine the field of marketing with psychology and economics. I try to map out how biases and habits steer consumers to make decisions that go against their own interest - think of visiting McDonald's when you want to lose weight; going out for dinner while you planned on saving money this

Steven Schoenmaker

month; or drinking one too many glasses in the evening, only to regret it in the morning. Furthermore, I try to uncover ways to steer consumers away from this exact behaviour. In other words, to make it more easy for themselves to act in the way that they want to act. 

I had the chance to visit Hanken as an exchange student when I was doing my Master's. Before coming to Finland, I already knew I wanted to do a PhD, but my stay at Hanken showed me that this was the right place to apply for a position as doctoral candidate.  

Relating to the previous question, why I specifically chose Hanken: I noticed at Hanken that new ideas are always welcome, whether it is for organisational stuff or in lectures. This is something I truly value. Personally, I am always striving for improvement and excellence, and Hanken is a place where you can chase that. Hanken will give you space and resources to pursue those ideas. On top of that, Hanken is relatively small, so a sense of community can be felt easily. It is a place where you get to know people fast and easily gain a sense of belonging.  

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach at out at

Moses Osofero

I am in the department of entrepreneurship, organization and management. My research area is on the interconnection between formal (state) institution failure and the legitimacy of citizens’ informal entrepreneurship in developing economies. 

 I obtained my Msc from a triple accredited university (AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS). Two things were paramount in my heart when I started searching for a school for my PhD, I wanted a funded program in a school with these three accreditations. Google search brought Hanken and some other schools. Hanken happened to fulfil both conditions, but with stringent admission requirements. I braced up to fulfil the requirements and here I am. 

 Doing a PhD at Hanken has been challenging but also very rewarding for me. Work started for me the very day I resumed for my program. I enjoy the support I get from my advisor and the administrative team which helped me settle in immediately. Having employment with the school for the first two years of my PhD also helped me focus on my research and courses, while I also learn the process of applying for funds for year 3 onwards. 

My email is, drop me a line in case you have any questions!


Stefan Santokhie

My general research area deals with Human Resource Management (HRM) and Employee Well-Being. Specifically, I am looking at the boundary conditions and underlying mechanisms that impact the relationship between (HRM) and Employee- Well Being. I am also interested in how leadership affects the HRM and Employee Well-being relationship as well as how does the HRM- Well-being relationship impact on performance at the employee, team/unit and organizational level. My Degree Supervisor is Professor Denise Salin who is also a Thesis Supervisor. My other Thesis Supervisor is Professor Mats Ehrnrooth. I am also part of the Leading People For Growth and Well-Being Research Group.  

My other areas of interest are testing in organizations, motivation, research methods in work and organizational psychology and workplace structure. 

I chose Hanken for three reasons. First I chose Hanken because I saw that there were researchers who had similar research interests and after having reached out to them, specifically Professor Denise Salin, Dr, Maria Törnroos, and Professor Mats Ehrnrooth, they indicated that I would be a good fit with the research at the Department of Management and Organisation, and specifically, the Leading People For Growth and Well-being research group. The second reason I chose Hanken was because of the reputation of the school and the quality of research that comes out of the Leading People For Growth and Well-Being research group. Hanken holds the prestigious Triple Crown status and is amongst the top one percent of business schools in the world. The academic staff in the Leading People For Growth and Well-Being research group engage in theoretical and empirical research projects that are affiliated with different research, business and professional organizations. They are published and cited in various respected and well known journals in the fields of HRM, well-being, workplace bullying and work and team related areas. Finally, researchers in the Leading People For Growth and Well-Being research group conduct applied research projects in public and private organizations which are evidence based and steeped in rigorous scientific methodology. The third reason I chose Hanken was the systematic combination of research and professional development. Doctoral students are given access to research facilities as well as opportunities for professional development such as conferences, networking events and research seminars. This is very useful because only through understanding and applying theory through different organizations and research work can one truly begin to holistically understand phenomena. 

What I like the most about the PhD is the quality of supervision provided and the support that encompasses both academic and professional development. My supervisors provide very detailed, timely and well-structured feedback and provide opportunities and information that relate to professional development and academic/professional conferences. Also, as part of a research group, colleagues can interact and exchange ideas and this allows for thinking to develop in a very cogent and comprehensive way. Finally, what I like about the PhD is that there exists a flat hierarchy between supervisors and students and this lends itself to enriching and stimulating conversations that examine research areas and lead to meaningful contributions to be put forward.  

What I like most about Hanken is the warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff at all levels are very helpful and open to queries and go above and beyond the call of duty. Another thing I like most about Hanken is the cozy atmosphere that allows for students across all levels to interact and be part of various activities.

My email is


Christina Södenberg

I have just started my studies at the department of Management & organisation, group Leading People for Growth and Well-Being and, prolonging working life; employee well-being and social well-being; leadership and leadership development; age management; meaningful work; engagement; lifelong learning; strategic development. 


The best thing about Hanken the international atmosphere; tight study timetable; flexible distance studies; broad support both from professors, researchers, and from fellow students has been encouraged to use the long working life experience in finding my own voice in academia.

If you share my research interest or have any other questions on coming to PhD after being in working life let me know at

Anna Zhuravleva is a PhD candidate at Hanken School of Economics. Anna's research interests include reverse supply chain solutions, humanitarian supply chain and social responsibility. Previously, Anna was a leader of the global association 180 Degrees Consulting in Helsinki which connects students with local NGOs through various consulting projects. Under her leadership, students helped Finnish NGOs in identifying donor management and marketing strategies as well as in managing the supply chain of second-hand charity stores. Anna also has completed a Master's degree program in Business and Management at Hanken. 

My research area is reverse supply chains - reuse and recycling of used clothes, the non-profit sector perspective.  

Anna Zhuravleva

I have completed my Master's at Hanken and my Doctoral thesis is a continuation of my Master's thesis, however, on a scientifically higher level. I loved the atmosphere at Hanken and opportunities for studying specific subjects of sustainability and humanitarian supply chains.  

Opportunities besides your studies that bring valuable work/ life experiences. For example, Hanken Business Lab was supporting me with running a student consulting association. Another example is the Hanken's team on Responsible Organizing that helped me to publish a podcast episode about textile reuse and recycling. 

Let me know if you have any questions at