Welcome to Hanken!

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Information for new students and the Welcome Guide

On this page we have compiled important information for new Master's degree students at Hanken.

Note! The Orientation Days are not intended for students who have already done their Bachelor's degree at Hanken and now start their Master's degree studies.

For new students, the most important sources for information at the beginning of the studies and during your first year of studies are: 

  • The Hanken web pages, especially these pages concerning first year studies and about what you need to do before arrivial to Hanken.
  • The Welcome Guide (below)
  • The Orientation Days on 25-27 August 2021 in Helsinki and Vaasa.
    • Note! Please bring your educational documents in ORIGINAL to the Orientation Days for verification purposes. Students who applied based on a degree obtained in Finland are extempted from bringing their documents.
    • If you are attending online on Wednesday and on site at Hanken on Thursday, you should bring your educational documents in original to the registration session.

If you are new doctoral degree student, please read the Welcome Guide below and find more information which is relevant for you on the page about Hanken's PhD programme.

Welcome Guide (for Master's and doctoral degree students)

The Welcome Guide contains essential information info about housing, residence permit and other practical matters.


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Accepting the Admission Offer

The Deadline for accepting the admission offer is: 

  • Main admission round (application period: November-Mid-January): 1 April 2021 (GMT+2) (Main admission round)
  • Rolling admission round (Application period: February-May): 7 days after reciving the admission results

According to national provision, a student may accept only one offer of admission leading to a higher education degree in Finland during the same academic term (the academic terms are 1 August - 31 December OR 1 January - 31 July). This rule applies to all higher education, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, Licentiate and Doctoral programmes. For more information, please visit Studydinfo.fi.

Hence, if you have already accepted an offer of admission from another university or university of applied sciences in Finland (with studies starting between 1 August and 31 December 2021), you cannot accept your offer of admission to Hanken. If you accept your offer of admission from Hanken, you cannot accept another offer of admission in Finland with studies starting during the aforementioned time period.

The following legal grounds for your absence are accepted:

  1. Service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service (194/1995)
  2. Maternity, paternity or parental leave
  3. Being incapacitated by personal illness or injury

No other reasons for deferment of admissions are accepted. 

Please note that we strongly recommend that you begin your studies in August, since we cannot guarantee that the programme structure is the same in the future.

How do I postpone my studies?

In order to postpone the commencement of your studies with a year, you need to

  1. Confirm your admission offer and submit the eletronic confirmation form before the deadline (to be announced in March). On the confirmation form, mark that you will be absent during the next academic year.
  2. Send an official certificate of the legal reason (listed below) to the Hanken Admission Office before 31 August.

Should the legal grounds for your absence only apply to the second academic term (e.g. military service or maternity leave beginning in January), you may register as absent for the entire academic year if you so wish. You may also change the status of your registration for the spring term from ‘attending’ to ‘absent’ during the spring term registration period.

Certificates required for proving the legal grounds for absence:

1) Service under the Conscription Act (1438/2007), Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007), or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service (194/1995):

  • Document required: Call-up order

2) Maternity, paternity or parental leave:

  • Document required: 
    • Kela's certificate regarding maternity, paternity, or parental allowance period or, if the certificate has not yet been received, a medical certificate regarding the pregnancy 
    • Corresponding certificates from the authorities of another country regarding statutory parental leave

3) Being incapacitated by personal illness or injury:

  • Document required: Sickness allowance decision or, if no decision exists, a medical certificate. The medical certificate must state which illness or injury the student suffers from, and that this condition prevents the student from beginning their studies in the autumn

Deadline for delivering the documents attesting your legal reason for registering as absent: 15 July, but it is recommended that you deliver the documents as soon as possible to masters@hanken.fi

The documents must be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English.

In need of more info?

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at masters@hanken.fi

Students who have postponed the start of their studies

A student who postpones his or her studies first year will receive a letter during the next summer with information about how to register as present for the incoming academic year.

The Finnish Parliament will most likely in June 2021 continue the temporary law allowing students to postpone the start of their studies with one year if the COVID-19 pandemic prevents them from arriving in Finland, e.g. in case they cannot receive a residence permit due to embassies being closed or arrive in Finland due to travel restrictions. The law will be valid until 31 July 2022. Documentation proving the restricting limitations will be required if  the law is accepted.

The info will be updated here as soon as a final desicion has been made.

The dates and programmes scheduel for the Orientation Days are found on the pages for the Orientation Days.

Degree students at Hanken are responsible for arranging for their own accommodation.

Finding suitable accommodation in the Helsinki region can be challenging, so we advise you to start looking right after receiving your welcome package. The rental level can be high on the private market (approx. 700€ for a studio apartment in Helsinki) due to a lack of housing in the region. The peak time is at the beginning of the academic year.

Apartment hunting advice: 

  • Apply early and reserve time for finding an apartment!
  • Apply for apartments simultaneously through various channels
  • If you are offered a suitable apartment, accept the offer instead of waiting for a better one - the real estate market is fast-paced
  • Be flexible regarding location - it is easier to find an apartment outside the city centre and campus area
  • Remember to cancel unnecessary applications after finding an apartment

Remember that it is easy to travel around the Helsinki region: the public transport system is ranked among the best in Europe! You can check the transport connections from your apartment to the city centre or campus area on HSL's Journey Planner.

Student housing options in Helsinki

Not all students are able to get housing through HOAS. Only around 50 % of the international students in the Helsinki metropolitan area live in HOAS housing. HOAS also has a Facebook page where you can ask them questions. 

Student Housing options in Vaasa

Students admitted to a specialisation in Vaasa can apply for In Vaasa, the students can usually get student housing through The Student Housing Foundation in Vaasa, VOAS.

  • Foundation for student housing in Vaasa VOAS 

Other useful housing links:

Property search terms in Finland:

Finnish English
Alue Region (e.g. Uusimaa)
Aluetarkennus District (e.g. Helsinki)
Asunto/Asunnot Apartment/Apartments
Etsi/Hae Search
Hinta Price
Huoneluku Number of rooms (often shortened to 1h, 2h etc.)
Kaikki All, everything
Kerrostalo Block of flats
Loma-asunnot Holiday houses
Maakunta Province (e.g. Uusimaa)
Omakotitalo Detached house
Pari-talo Semi-detached house
Pieni Small
Pinta-ala Size (m²)
Talo(t) House(s)
Vuokra Rent
Vuokra-asunnot Rental apartments

For you as a student it is crusial that you get acquainted with Hanken's different computer systems and online tools in the beginning of your studies since most aspects concerning your studies are handled through this systems, e.g course registration, exam registration, library services etc. 


Note! User IDs are onlly receivble in August and the procedure depends on which group you belong to:

  1. Students who have Finnish online banking: You can receive your user IDs in August through Hanken Selfservice portal, more infor on the IT Services webpages.
  2. Students who do NOT have Finnish online banking: You will either receive your codes through individual online identification with the staff from the IT Services or at the Orientation Days. More info later on.


You will get more information about the computer systems during the Orientation Days.

The student card is e.g. needed:

  • as ID during exams
  • in the student cafeterias to be entitled to the student discount
  • as ID to receive your official transcript of records and certificate of enrolment
  • to receive your student public transport card
  • to receive discount on train and long-distance bus travels in Finland

NB! If you choose one of the Student Mastercard Debit-cards with contactless payment function then that card can also be used as a key to the doors at Hanken and as a card for printing credits.

You are entitled to student discounts with your student card when you are registered as present for the academic year and the card is equipped with a valid sticker for the ongoing academic year.

How do I order my card?

You need to order the card through the Frank websiteYou can order only after the information that you have been registered as present has been transferred to Frank. This will happen during the summer months, but most likely only in August. If you try to register for a card through the Frank webpage and you receive a message concering unknown student status, you do not need to be alarmed. The message only indicates that the registration info for the academic year has not yet been transferred to the Frank system and you can try again in a few days.

Note that you need to attach a digital photo of yourself when you order the card. The photo does not need to be and ID photo, but you need to be easliy identifiable in the photo. It is possible to order either a electronic card to be used through the Frank app on your phone or a plastic card (with or without payment function).

Before you receive your eletronic student card, you can get an discount e.g. for the student lunch at Hanken by showing your certificate of attendance which you reiceive at the Orientation Days. If you order a plastic student card you need to pick-up a annual registration sticker from the Student Union's booth in Skogen in Helsinki main building or at the Office of Studies and Admission in Vaasa.


Here you find the layout of the main building at Hanken (Arkadiankatu 22). In addition Hanken has facilities in the nearby situated buildings Economicum (Arkadiankatu 7) and Casa Academica (Hietaniemenkatu 7 A/Perhokatu 6).


Table of Symbols








1st Floor



2nd Floor



3rd Floor



4th Floor




5th Floor




Lockers and Safe-deposit boxes

Students can rent lockers during their Hanken studies. The deposit is 30 euros. When the key is returned 20 euros will be refunded. Contact custodian Mårten Bagge (marten.bagge(at)hanken.fi) for more information.

New students register for their courses and make their study plans for the academic year on campus during the Orientation Days with the help of study councellors and tutors. if you cannot attend, you are responsible to manage this by yourself. The last day to register for courses for teaching period 1 is the 29 August 2021. More info on courses registration is found on the course registration pages. Please note that Hanken is transferring to the new study tool Sisu during the Autumn 2021. For this reason the study plan will be done in Sisu for teaching period 1, but the course registrations will still be done in the study tool Weboodi.

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the courses for your study programme, the updated study guides are found in the study tool Weboodi and are available without login. New students will recieve there User ID and login required needed for for all IT systems at Hanken, including course registration, during August.