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Track 3 - Gamifying for responsible decision-making and training. Workshop from 15:50-16:20

Welcome to the Republic of Zuboumba! Geographically, Zuboumba is divided into high mountain areas with difficult access, valleys with great potential for agriculture and tropical areas mainly covered with rain forest. Most of the 15 million inhabitants are leaving in remote and rural locations.

In 2019, a disaster stroke and four villages are in need of basic help.

Based on the needs identified and expressed by the humanitarian community, your role is to ensure access to sufficient amount of humanitarian aid for the local communities. You will be in charge of delivering relief items to hard-to-reach locations. At the same time, you will be responsible for the safety of your personnel and delivered relief items.

The major constraints you will face are due to a rapidly changing security situation and an unstable operational context caused by unpredictable weather and lack of technology and communication development.

In this workshop, participants will play a Serious Board Game designed by the HUMLOG Institute for the iTrack project to train Humanitarian Logisticians at the Red Cross. Grouped in four teams, they will deliver shelters, food and medicine to four communities and experience the challenges of the lack of available information and resources along with the need of building strong collaborations to succeed.

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This workshop will be animated by Diego Vega, deputy director of the HUMLOG Institute and Wojciech Piotrowicz, director of the HUMLOG Institute.