Citation Databases

Hanken subscribes to two citation databases, Web of Science and Scopus.

In a citation database you get information about who has cited an article and how many times an author has been cited. You can also list all articles citing the same source.

At Hanken you have access to two citation databases (available through Hanna):

Web of Science

Web of Science is owned and produced by  Clarivate Analytics. WoS is composed of three databases containing citations from international scientific journals:

  • Arts & Humanities Citation Index - AHCI
  • Social Sciences Citation Index - SSCI
  • Science Citation Index - SCI

Journal Coverage:
Aims to include the best journals of all fields. Included journals are for example: European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Finance, Strategic Management Journal

Citation Coverage:

  • Includes citations starting from the year 1945, but Hanken has access only to citations starting from 1986
  • Citations can be counted in a simple or complex manner, with different results
  • The Citation Report is easy to generate, but only counts references to articles that are also in the database.
  • Searching based on authors by using Cited Reference Search is more cumbersome, but will also return references to items outside of the database, including articles, conference proceedings, books, reports etc.


Scopus is owned and produced by Elsevier.

Journal Coverage:
Indexes more journals than Web of Science, including some conference proceedings, which results in better coverage for Economics and IT. Includes journals such as International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Moey.

Citation Coverage:

  • Only indexes citations starting from 1996
  • Only counts references to publications that are also in the database
  • Use Citation Tracker to generate analyses on up to 5000 publications
  • Citations per year and per publication (with or without self-citations), h-index

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is freely available on Internet.

In theory all science in all fields that Google Scholar is able to index on the Internet. Journal article coverage is not as good as for the above in their core fields. Google Scholar has better overall coverage in fields where conference publications are important. Equal or worse in subjects like chemistry and physics. Bad for material published prior to 1990.

Citation Analysis:
Can be performed with the free Publish or Perish, but it is restricted to performing analyses on individual authors. It is not yet possible to specify a school, for example. 

The Publish or Perish Book.pdf
The PDF requires login - accessible for Hanken staff only. Printing is allowed.