Programme Structure

Hanken PhD Programme Structure


A Doctoral Thesis (180 ECTS) and 60 ECTS Points of Coursework

The Hanken PhD Programme corresponds to four years of full-time studies, during which you produce a doctoral thesis (180 ECTS) and complete 60 ECTS credit points of coursework. The courses are normally completed during the first 12-18 months of study. They consist of 44 credits in the major and related subjects, and 16 credits in general methodology, philosophy of science, or similar courses of a methodological character.

Towards the end of your studies, you will have opportunities to teach and to acquire other competences that are important for a successful postdoctoral career.

The annual registration is an important process where you report on your achievements, make plans for the year ahead, and update your research plan in collaboration with your degree supervisor. For more information on supervisors at Hanken, please see our webpages here.

Hanken supports your doctoral studies through many different processes, ranging from supervision and study administration to performance monitoring and help with the funding of your studies. Hanken also offers you support in applying for funding for postdoctoral research.

As a Hanken PhD, you are also a member of the Hanken alumni community, with all this entails of access to important networks and interesting events.


As a PhD student at Hanken, you have access to a broad range of courses, conferences and workshops both in Finland and abroad. During your studies you have good opportunities to follow and contribute to the knowledge development within your research field. Subject to approval by your degree supervisor, you can take Hanken's own doctoral courses as well as courses offered by other universities and doctoral programmes in Finland and abroad, such as KATAJA and FDPE in Finland or EIASM in Europe.

The courses you study do not have to focus directly on the topic of your thesis. They may well cover a broader topic within your chosen major, or relate to some specific aspect of your field of research.

Certain major subjects within the Hanken PhD Programme have set courses or course packages that are mandatory for all students within that major, regardless of their PhD thesis topic. The aim is then to ensure that all students within the major have a solid basic understanding of the discipline.

For more information on courses and networks see our webpages here.