Projects and acitivies

Projects and activities

Current:• ’Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working Life: Policies, (In)Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland’ (WEALL), Niemistö, Tuori, Hearn, led by Jyrkinen (Helsinki University), Strategic Research Funding/Academy of Finland, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki University, Jyväskylä University (2015-)• Teaching course “Gender, management and organization”, since mid-1990s.• Professors Albert Mills and Jean Helms Mills are regular visitors to Hanken and to the Group from Canada.
• ‘The Social Problem of Men: the Social Problem and Societal Problematisation of Men and Masculinities’ Co-coordination/ Principal Contractor EU FP5 Thematic Network, The European Research Network on Men in Europe (2000-2003).• ‘Sexualised Violence, Global Linkages and Policy Discourses’ Hearn and Jyrkinen, Svenska handelshögskolan, Helsinki, funded by Academy of Finland (2000-2003).• Co-leadership with Prof Suvi Ronkainen, University of Tampere/Lapland, Sexualised Violence Research Consortium, Academy of Finland (2000-2004).• Lead partnership in NorFa-funded 5 Centre UK-Nordic Research Network ‘Violences, Agency Practices and Social Change’ (2001-2004).• Grants from Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto, Kaute-säätiö and Wallenbergs stiftelse to the Gender Research Group.• Grant from Academy of Finland grant on behalf of the University for European EU Conference.• Consultancy for the Council of Europe. • Institutional partner in the Nordic Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Research, NorFa-funded (2004-2008).• Institutional partner in Framework 6 Concerted Action on Human Rights Violation (2004-2007).• Professor Rebecca Piekkari was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship, and worked on gender and diversity research from 2003.• Professor Linda McKie has been a regular visitor to Hanken and to the Group from Scotland, and has developed several linked researches on gender, well-being, carescapes and policy.• The Research Group co-organised with the Gender Research Group on Gender and Economy, Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki, the First National Conference, on Gender and Organisations, ‘Gender and Power: Organisations in Flux?’ Conference, Helsinki, May 2003. This has led to the production of a collaborative book of the same name, published by Hanken, 2004.• The Research Group co-organised with Helsinki School of Economics, Women’s Studies Annual National Conference, November 2005.• Organised with Prof Liisa Husu and NASTA Project, “Leadership Through the Gender Lens”, Hanken School of Economics, Jyväskylä University and Helsinki School of Economics, October 2009.• The Research Group co-organised with Aalto University, National Gender Studies Conference, November 2014• The European Academy of Management stream on Gender and Management has been co-convened for three years by Hearn.• Academy of Finland Postdoctoral fellowships to members of the Group:
 Denise Salin: ‘Organisational Measures against Workplace Bullying: Attitudes,  Prevention and Intervention’ (2005-2008)
 Marjut Jyrkinen: ‘Age, Gender and Diversity: Women Managers and Policies  in Organisations’ (2008-2010)
Beata Segercrantz: ‘Moments of transformation -Exploring undesirable consequences of ICT innovation in social and health services’ (2012-2015)•  ‘Television-Internet Media Companies’, Policies and Practices, Young People and Pornographisation’, Hearn and Jyrkinen, NIKK (2005-2007).• NASTA: Women’s Leadership: A Research and Education Development Project, Ministry of Education, Finland, with Dr Liisa Husu (project manager; formerly Dr Minna Hiillos), Hearn, Jyrkinen, Charlotta Niemistö (Hanken), Professor Anna-Maija Lämsä (University of Jyväsklylä), Professor Sinikka Vanhala (Helsinki School of Economics) (2005-2009), hosted by Hanken, with the University of Jyväsklylä and the Helsinki School of Economics, funded by Ministry of Education on Women in Management and Leadership. This project has several sub-projects, including:i. web-based teaching and outreach resources;
ii. teaching survey on gender in the three universities;
iii. review of Finnish research and publications on this area; and
iv. various research projects, e.g. women’s careers and career anchors.• Dr Gyöngyi Kovács has been a key partner in ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Humanitarian Logistics’ research project between the Women’s Institute for Supply-Chain Excellence (WISE), Cranfield University and Hanken. The project investigated the interrelations between gender, logistics skills, and logistics performance. • The project is linked to the ‘Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute’ (HUMLOG Institute), based in Hanken.• ‘The Quest for Well-being in Growth Industries: A Comparative Study in Finland and Scotland’, Hearn, Tallberg, Gripenberg and Jyrkinen, Academy of Finland (2008-2010).• Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality, Hearn, EU FP 7 (2010-12).• NaisUrat (Women’s Careers) project, Hearn, Biese, Koskinen, Niemistö, Husu, European Social Fund (ESR), Hanken School of Economics, with Jyväskylä University (2012-2014).• ‘Age, Generation, and Changing Work-Life Balance and Boundaries’, Hearn, Niemistö, Karjalainen, Tuori, Academy of Finland (2012-2014).• Finland-South Africa project, Enabling South African and Finnish youth towards non-violence, equality and social well-being, Hearn, Jungar, Lehtonen, with Prof T. Shefer, Academy of Finland/NRF (2013-2016).• ‘Perspectives on and reactions to workplace bullying: implications for human resource management’, Salin, Academy of Finland (2014-2018).• Koskinen Sandberg was awarded annual research scholarship by The Board of Akava (Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland)• Editing of special issues of Women in Management Review and British Journal of Management on gender and management.• Many books, articles, chapters and other publications.