Praveen Malla, LemonBridge Research

Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance welcomes you to an exciting guest lecture held by Praveen Malla, Managing Director at LemonBridge Research. The event is open to all interested parties.

The Rapidly Growing Indian IT Capacity: Challenges and OpportunitiesIndia is the fastest growing emerging market globally, while also being the world’s back office for Information Technology. The Indian IT industry has come a long way in the past three decades - while historically the industry has piggybacked on the ever-growing global demand for agile IT solutions, in the recent past domestic consumption has taken off to account for one-fourth of the industry’s global revenues. A large part of this domestic consumption is spurred by large-scale governance programmes undertaken by the Indian government.In this guest lecture, Dr. Praveen Malla will discuss the rapid strides the Indian IT market is making within the context of e-governance. What challenges and opportunities does a country as huge as India present? And how can the government play a proactive role in helping the country transition to the next level of development?Praveen Malla is the Managing Director of LemonBridge Research, a boutique branding advisory firm based out of India. In addition to a long career as an IT-consultant (e.g. at Infosys), Malla has a broad academic background consisting of extensive studies in law, psychology, business and economics. Date and Time: 19.4, 16.30-18.00
Venue: Auditorium Futurum, Hanken School of Economics

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Praveen MallaManaging Director, LemonBridge Research