Lösenord vid datorerna

Tillgänglig: i Quantum (rum A404). Kvällar och nätter är dörren till Quantum låst. Du behöver en nyckel från IB Bokhandel för att komma in.

The Infront Professional terminal provides real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading. Infront has data from over 80 exchanges, MTFs, and contributing brokers, which will give you an overview of the markets. You can combine equities, derivatives, fixed income, commodities, funds, FX and money market data in your own custom interface.

Infront gives you access to real-time financial news, regulatory news, in-depth research and social media.

Infront provides analytics for equities, funds, fixed income, derivatives, and fx. You can screen, compare and analyze global listed companies with fundamentals, consensus estimates and ratios, combined with with powerful tools for Excel, and desktop APIs for R and Python.