Morningstar Direct

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Tillgänglighet: Morningstar Direct är tillgänglig på en dator i Quantum (rum A404).
Kvällar och nätter är dörren låst. Du behöver en nyckel från IB Bokhandel för att komma in.

Språk: Engelska.

Beskrivning: Morningstar Direct is an investment analysis platform built specifically around the workflows of asset managers and financial advisors to help position and market products, construct portfolios, analyze investments, and connect with investors.

  • Contains global data including historical portfolio holdings, equities, separate accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, indexes, real-time pricing, and more.
  • The content is curated to meet your needs, including actionable research from one of the largest independent analyst teams in the world.
  • Sophisticated ways to work the data so you can find the best managers, spot market trends, and build products. 
  • Dynamic charts, visualizations, and fully custom reports you can produce in minutes. 

Instruktioner och hjälp:

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