Tuomas Pöysti, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Dr. Tuomas Pöysti is the Under-Secretary of State at Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and acts as Project Lead at the Health, Social Services Regional Government Reform.

The so-called SOTE-reform – or Health, Social Services and Regional Government Reform – is one of the biggest ever administrative and operative overhauls in Finland. The reform will impact hundreds of thousands of jobs and affect the services of every citizen in Finland.HCCG has the great privilege to be visited by one of the reform’s main architects, Dr. Tuomas Pöysti. In the capacity of Project Lead, he knows the big picture as well as the small details.A big question is how the reform will affect the public expenditures of public healthcare. Will is save or drain public money?Pöysti is the right man to answer all your questions regarding this exciting reform in this guest lecture.

Wednesday 26.4 16.30-18.00Venue: auditorium Futurum

Tuomas PöystiUnder-Secretary of State