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Let our International Student Ambassadors introduce you to Hanken and the student life.

Meet our student ambassadors and check out their Nordic Brilliance blog!

The International Student Ambassadors change annually, thus there are several blog post from many different perspectives.

Hi folks,

Hanh Pham

My parents have been calling me Hanh Pham my entire life, so I guess that’s my name and you can call me Hanna if you find the pronunciation to my name is challenging. I come from Hanoi - the capital city of a relatively small, tropical country located in South East Asia, known as Vietnam. Finland has been my second home since 2014 - when I first arrived here as a Bachelor student, pursuing my degree in field of International Business at Seinajoki UAS (aka SeAMK -Seinäjoen ammattikorkeakoulu). You may not believe this, but whenever I go back to Vietnam for a vacation, I always miss Finland and long to be back as soon as possible (even though, I love and adore Vietnam with all my heart!).

Introducing myself as a Master student, I have just been admitted to the Business & Management program, under Humanitarian Logistics track at Hanken School of Economics.

During my bachelor study, I fortunately realized my strong passion for Supply Chain management and Logistics, so I decided to set my foot in this career path. Simultaneously, I understood that my Bachelor program does not sufficiently and profoundly equip me with the amount of specialized knowledge required to apply for a job on the field. That’s when I started to do my research on different Master programs and Hanken immediately took the spotlight. At first sight, I am absolutely intrigued by the well-designed curriculum of the track: Incredibly interactive, yet advanced and empirical. Those courses such as Supply Chain Risk and Resilience or, Multivariate Data Analysis would absolutely fill the gap in my technical competences and significantly expand my knowledge base. Furthermore, Hanken fully comprehends the need of Finnish labor market, in which nowadays appreciate Data Analytical skills more than ever. Hence, the university makes Market Analytics, in which provides in-depth understanding over R programming for data analysis, as one of the mandatory courses so that you will be ready for many job requirements. Additionally, the opportunity to put the theory acquired from lectures into practices via numerous practical projects has convinced me that achieving my Master’s Degree at Hanken is equal to achieving concrete expertise on my profession. Moreover, I have always been eager to contribute to a greater cause than myself. Therefore, the study of Humanitarian Logistics, which specializes more in the field of disaster relief rather than commercial purposes, has strongly aroused my interests.

Hanken further impresses me by its extracurricular activities offered to students, both professionally and socially. The Master’s Committees and Student Union organize plenty of events for students to get to know each other better and more importantly, many occasions are also held to connect different companies’ representatives with Hanken students throughout the academic year. What excited me the most among all is the Hanken International Talent (HIT) program. HIT is definitely a “golden gate” of opportunity for every international student to effectively shape one’s career path and penetrate smoothly into the Finnish workforce. With its extensive partnership network, HIT is, undoubtedly, a perfect platform where talents and companies have the chance to collaborate, exchange knowledge and work together for a commonly established vision. On that account, HIT can be seen as a solid competitive advantage that Hanken has to offer and the program was one of the main reasons that support my decision of accepting admission proposal at Hanken, instead of other universities.

If you have questions – send me an email

Melanie Oun

International Strategy and Sustainability track


I’m Mélanie and I am just about to start my last year of Master studies here at Hanken. I was born and raised in Paris, France and moved to Finland 5 years ago, right after high school. I had a passion for tourism and wanted to pursue studies in that field which led me to Finland.  

After a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management in Haaga-Helia, university of applied sciences, I took a year to get some work experience. During that year, my ambition only grew bigger and getting a master’s degree seemed the best way for me to achieve my career goals. I chose Hanken for the connection they have with companies. Not only do we collaborate with organizations during our courses, we also have plenty of internship opportunities and can benefit from great programs Hanken has in place.  

Last year, I joined the Hanken International Talent program that helps international students connect with Finnish companies in order to help them start a career in Finland. I now have a mentor from KPMG for the whole time of my master studies and will be on internship in KPMG for the spring 2020. 

I decided to apply to the Business and Management program and to specialize in the International Strategy and Sustainability track. I chose this track for the wide range of subjects that are covered by the program. As part of the Business and Management program we take courses in marketing, humanitarian logistics and supply chain on top of the courses from our own track.  

I would recommend anyone to apply! Not only for the quality of the education, the opportunities and the experience but also to experience the great student life in Hanken. With the great friends you will make, the studies, the student life and the student parties, you won’t have time to be bored for a second!  

If you have any questions, send me a message!  

Yang Yang

Governance and Commercial law track

Hello! My name is Yang Yang. I am a second-year master student at Hanken.

I am originally from China. I first came to Finland to study computer science at Aalto University. Since then I have settled down in Finland and been working as a software engineer.

About three years ago, I started taking courses from Hanken’s open university, partly because of Hanken’s proximity to my workplace and partly because of the interesting courses offered by Hanken. After two years of studying at the open university, I finally applied to the official master program. It feels refreshing to come back to school. 

Comparing to comprehensive universities such as Aalto and Helsinki University, Hanken is much more specialized and compact, which makes it easier for students to navigate through the curriculums offered. But if you nevertheless are interested in courses outside the business field, Hanken offers easy access to courses from Aalto and Helsinki University. While remaining focused, students are not confined to Hanken’s curriculums.

I have enjoyed my life in Finland. It’s peaceful, safe and predictable. If you value similar things and want to settle down, take all the Finnish language courses offered at Hanken.

Let me know if you have any questions