Courses Finnish Business Culture

38023 Finnish Business Culture , 5 sp

Intermediate studies
Teaching language
Course description

The aim of the course is to provide a general overview of factors influencing business operations in Finland (history, political, legal and economic systems, culture), in particular, the operations of companies. The focus of the course is on business legislation, Finnish consumer behavior, marketing to Finns, Finnish negotation style, and hands-on guidelines how to establish a company in Finland.

This course is primarily for non-degree students, especially refugees and incoming exchange students.

Learning Goal

You have an understanding of the Finnish business culture and Finnish society including the Finnish leadership and negotiation styles.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • identify cultural chracteristics that are typical for marketing and management in the Finnish market
  • critically examine the Finnish business environment and the society it is embedded in
  • apply the above theoretical knowledge and understanding to practical case/report
Additional Information

Exchange students enrol in WebOodi.

Limited Number of Participants

A maximum of 40 participants due to the heterogenity of the group and the especially interactive teaching methods in order of enrolment.


Seminars, cases, team work in form of term papers and class discussions.

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled contact hours: 26
Non-scheduled work: 108


Class participation 25 %
Case report (in pairs) 15 % 
Business plan report/term paper (team work) 60 % 

The course is graded pass/fail.

To be announced later

Students who have completed the earlier course Finnish Business Culture within the subject Marketing (4 credits, course code 23080) cannot take this course.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies)

Quota for incoming exchange students: 20
Quota for non-degree students: 20