Courses Research Seminar in Marketing and International Strategy and Sustainability

23170 Research Seminar in Marketing and International Strategy and Sustainability , 5 sp

Advanced studies
Teaching language
Course description

The course aims to support the writing of the master's thesis in the major subject. During the course you receive support and individual counseling from your thesis supervisor for producing a thesis. You also get feedback from your co-students when presenting your own master thesis project in your seminar group. The course contains individual counselling and group discussions. During the course you will partly work on your own thesis, partly review and comment your co-student’s thesis projects.
Read more about the master’s thesis on the web.

Learning Goal

You have the skills to independently plan, complete, present and evaluate scientific research projects.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • identify and formulate a suitable research problem and purpose
  • identify, assess and present relevant literature/research within the chosen field of research
  • argue for the chosen scientific approach, research method and data
  • orally and in writing conduct a scientific argumentation
  • analyze, discuss and provide constructive feedback on others' research plans and ongoing research projects
Additional Information

Some methods or topics may require ethical review by Hanken’s Ethics Committee.
A detailed description of the course is provided in Moodle.

Target Group

Hanken master's degree students within the track Marketing and the track International Strategy and Sustainability only within the Business and Management programme.

  • Prior to taking the course you need to have completed the Research Skills course (code 23122).
  • You need to have completed the methods courses as required by your track. Methods knowledge is a pre-requisition for writing a thesis.
  • You need to have completed the compulsory course work (or equivalent) within your track.

Seminars and counselling. Mandatory attendance in accordance with the course programme.

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 15-35 h
Non-scheduled work: 99-119 h

Recommended Time of Performance

The seminar course is generally to be started in the Autumn semester during the second year of your master’s studies.
The courses Academic Writing: Apprentice Level (51003, 2 cr) and Mastering Academic Writing (51004, 3 cr) support the thesis writing and are recommended to be taken simultaneously with the seminar course.
If the major subject studies include more than 5 credits method courses, the additional 5 credits can be taken simultaneously with the seminar course. At least 5 credits method courses need to be completed before taking the seminar course.


Work in relation to own project (seminar paper, presentation, process) 40 %
Work in relation to co-student’s projects (opponens, discussion, activity) 60 %

Students who have completed the earlier seminar course/courses as 12 credits cannot take this course.