23088-V Trends in Tourism, 5 cr

Advanced studies
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Course Description: 

Trends inform tourism firms and organizations what is happening in society at large and in specific sectors. For enhanced competitiveness tourism firms have to stay tune to existing trends and spot new opportunities in emerging ones. Methods and tools for trend analysis are discussed and practiced, and trends in tourism scrutinized. Tourism being an interdisciplinary phenomenon, trends for analysis, in this course, are sought from the areas of consumer behavior, communication and technology, and socio-cultural research. Based on this, options for sustainable tourism development are discussed.

The course can be taken as part of the study module in Corporate Responsibility.

Learning Goal: 

You have an understanding of the logic of trend analysis and can describe, explain and use trends for sustainable tourism development.

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • identify and describe trends in tourism
  • use different methods and tools for trend analysis
  • plan and practice trend analysis
  • give tourism policy recommendations
  • show communication skills in various forms and for various purposes

Completed bachelor's degree.

Total Student Workload: 

134 hours divided into
scheduled contact hours: 0 h
non-scheduled work: 134 h


Online course. The course consists of 5 on-line sections. Each section comprises of a reading package and an appending assignment.

Literature and Course Material: 

OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2016, Highlights.

UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Dvelopment 2013

A reading package including articles and other miscellaneous material, about 100 pages.


Assignments 100 %

Passed assignments are valid only for the current academic year and examination periods.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies): 

Quota for the Open university: 3
Quota for JOO-students: 5