Study Module in Commercial Law

Study courses within Commercial Law on MSc level at Hanken.

Interested in studying Commercial Law courses on MSc level at Hanken?

Increase your knowledge of topics such as tax law, intellectual property law, and M&A! As of the fall 2019, Hanken will offer students registered as present at another Finnish university, or a Finnish university of applied sciences, the possibility to complete courses within commercial law on MSc level - free of charge. Note that most of the courses offered are in Swedish.

In addition, if the student has at least a BSc degree and attains at least 45 ECTS from the offered courses, within two academic years, with at least good as GPA, he/she can apply to Hanken's MSc programme to study Commercial Law. The applicant must also fulfill Hanken's language requirements.

Who can apply/sign up to the courses?

You need to be registered as present at a Finnish university, or a Finnish university of applied sciences, and need to be so during the completion of the studies. You need to have attained at least 10 ECTS of studies within commercial law or law studies (university level) before the registration for the courses has ended. The sign up to the courses are done by filling in an electronic form. The 15 first eligible students to sign up will be offered the possibility to study commercial law at Hanken, during the two following academic years

What is offered to those who have signed up to the courses?

The 15 first and eligible students to sign up on the electronic form, can choose from a wide variety of courses within commercial law on MSc level. You can take part in up to 60 ECTS worth of the defined courses per academic year at a maximum. Note that you can only sign up to the courses defined as courses belonging to the study module (thus, you cannot, as an example, study French at Hanken by signing up to the study module, since French classes are not defined as courses within the module). There may be more courses offered than 60 ECTS per year.

The Courses

The following MSc level within commercial law courses in Helsinki and the following e-courses in Vaasa, are offered during the academic year 2019-2020:

  • 37012 Fördjupad skatterätt I: Inkomstbeskattning 5 sp (in Swedish)
  • 37014 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law, 10 sp (in English)
  • 37029 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law II 5 sp (in English)
  • 37013 Fördjupad skatterätt II: Momsbeskattning 5 sp (in Swedish)
  • 37016 Fördjupad avtalsrätt 5 sp (in Swedish)
  • 37017 The Corporation and its Employees 5 sp (in English)
  • 37021-V/37021 Aktiebolagets kapital 10 sp (in Swedish)
  • 37023-V/37023 Law of Corporate Finance 10 sp (offered every second year, next time 2019-2020, in English) or
  • 37026-V/37026 Corporate Governance and Innovation 10 sp (offered every second year, next time 2020-2021, in English), e-course
  • 37025-V Företagsförsäkring och riskhantering 5 sp (in Swedish)

You are allowed to sign up to courses adding up to a maximum of 60 ECTS per academic year, even though the actual amount of ECTS offered might be higher. You gain the right to participate in the courses during the first two academic years after you have signed up. You are not allowed to re-take courses.

For more infromation about the courses visit our WebOodi, Study Handbooks.

Signing up to the Study Module/Courses

The application period for the study module (Commercial Law on MSc level) starts on Thursday 8 August at 10 AM (Finnish time). You can apply by filling in and submitting this application form.

You will need to enclose a scanned copy of your official stamped transcript of records, and/or certificate of enrolment in order to prove that you are registered as present for the whole academic year, and that you have attained the needed prerequisited 10 ECTS of studies within commercial law or law (university level). The scanned copies cannot be older than 3 months. In the electronic form you will also sign up to the courses that you wish to participate in during the academic year 2019-2020. The registration ends when 15 eligible students have signed up to the study modules or at the latest 26 August 2019 at 3pm (Finnish time).

How can you, after completing the study module and courses, gain admission to become a degree student within Commercial Law on MSc level at Hanken?

If you have:

  • attained at least a BSc degree from a recognised university, or university of applied sciences before the actual degree studies start (last possible graduation date is 31 July),
  • attained at least 45 ECTS of the study module's courses wihin two academic years (all courses need to be completed and registered on the applicant's transcript before the application time ends in spring),
  • attain at least good as a GPA from the courses/45 ECTS (at least 70 out of 100),
  • fulfill the language requirements in either Swedish or English before the application time ends,
  • sent in you application before the application deadline,

then you will be offered admission to study Commercial Law on MSc level at Hanken.

If the applicant has not been able to complete 45 ECTS within two academic years (or if the courses have not been registered on his/her transcript before the deadline) with a GPA of at least good, the applicant cannot sign up to another two-year period, and try to attain the missing courses, or re-take courses in order to gain higher grades, and then based on the courses attained during this second two-year period try to apply for admission. Admission can only be granted based on studies attained during the applicant's first two-year period.

The language requirement in Swedish can, as an exception, be fulfilled by the applicant by completing at least 10 ECTS worth of courses, from the study module, with at least the grade good in all the courses that make up the 10 ECTS. The language requirement in English can as an exception be fulfilled by the applicant completing all courses that make up the 45 ECTS needed for admission in English with at least good as GPA.

Note that most of the offered courses are in Swedish, and that this admission criteria has mainly been designed to ensure applicants to studies within Commercial Law within the Swedish MSc programme. An applicant cannot fulfill the language requirement in Swedish and then be admitted to the English MSc programme and vice versa.

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