Study Rights

Study Right for Degree Studies.

The right to study is limited for most students. You can check the extent of your study right in WebOodi under Personal Data. The study rights are valid until the end of a semester, that is either until 31.7. or 31.12.

Study Right for Degree Studies

The Rector grants the right to study within a degree programme at Hanken. The right to study at Hanken is granted upon application and by certain application procedures. The following academic degrees can be completed at Hanken:

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (in Swedish only)
  • Master of Science in Economics
  • Licentiate of Science in Economics
  • Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy.

You can only be given the right to study for one degree of a certain level at the School. You are entitled to apply to the Rector outside the normal admission procedures for permission to revert to a right to study that you have previously exchanged for another one.

Termination of study right

Degree students can give up their study right at Hanken School of Economics and thereby be removed from the student register. The decision is irrevocable and if you wish to continue your studies at Hanken School of Economics you must regain a new study right and undergo the application procedure.

If you wish to terminate your study right, please fill in a form and hand it in to the Service Point in Helsinki or to the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa.

Changing from a discontinued Master's degree programme to another

Some of Hanken’s Master’s programmes in English have been discontinued or replaced with new programmes, or tracks within new programmes. Students of the discontinued programmes can finish their degree in the original programme up until 31.7.2017. Students of the Master’s programme in Quantitative Finance can finish their degree in the programme until 31.7.2020. After this the students are referred to the closest replacing programme or major.

Students can also, upon request, be transferred to the new programmes during the transition period:

  • Students of the Master’s programme in Marketing can apply to transfer to the track Marketing within the Master’s programme in Business and Management.
  • Students of the Master’s programme in International Management and Strategy (MIMS) and the Master’s programme in International Strategy and Sustainability (MISS) can apply to transfer to the track International Strategy and Sustainability within the Master’s programme in Business and Management.
  • Students of the Master’s programme in Financial Economics can apply to transfer to the track Financial Markets, Investments and Asset Management within the Master’s programme in Finance and Accounting.
  • Students enrolled on older discontinued programmes should contact if they wish to transfer to another programme.

If you wish to change from a discontinued programme, fill out this formWhen your application has been processed, your study right will be updated in the study register Oodi automatically.

If you have questions, please contact

Changing from one Master's Degree Programme Specialisation/Specialisation track to another

It is possible to apply for changing master's degree specialisation or to change from one pspecialisation track to another. If you want to switch specialisation or specialisation track, you should do the following:

  1. Before you can apply for change of specialisation or track, you have to have completed studies at Hanken with good results.
  2. Contact the Admissions Office providing the information to which Master's Degree Specialisation/Specialisation track you wish to change and a motivation letter expressing your reasons for wanting to change from one specialisation to another. The motivation letter should be directed to the Rector. Please, e-mail the motivation letter to
  3. The Admissions Office will inform the Specialisation manager for the Master's Degree Specialisation in question about your wish to change specialisation and send your motivation letter, your original application and enclosures as well as a transcript of your studies at Hanken for evaluation to the Specialisation manager.
  4. The Specialisation manager will determine whether you fulfill the academic requirements for the specialisation/specialisation track. For a change between specialisations, the Specialisation manager will also determine if there is space available on the specialisation in question. If the Specialisation manager wishes to, he or she can invite the applicant for a discussion about the possible switch.
  5. The Specialisation manager informs the Admissions Office via e-mail whether or not the switch has been approved. If the switch was approved, the Specialisation manager writes a signed approval confirming the switch which is e-mailed to the Admissions Office. 
  6. For change between specialisation tracks:
    The Specialisation managers approval is the final decision regarding the application. The change of track will be registered in the study register Oodi by the Office of Study Affairs.

    For changes between specialisations: 
    If the application was approved by the Specialisation manager, the Rector of Hanken School of Economics will thereafter make the final decision concering the application and the Office of Study Affairs will notify you of the outcome of your application. If the application was approved the change of specialisation will be registred in the study register Oodi by the Office of Study Affairs.