Immigration regulations for EU/EEA nationals

Immigration regulations for EU/EEA including nationals from Switzerland nationals are listed here.

Nationals of the EU or EEA countries

All students except nationals of the Nordic countries need to register their right of residence if the period of study in Finland exceeds three months after they have arrived in Finland. The right to reside in Finland is valid until further notice.

Please see web page of Finnish Immigration Services for details concerning the residence permit. The following documents will be required for your application:

  • A completed EU registration form (online or paper format)
  • A valid passport or national proof of identity
  • The acceptance letter issued by Hanken
  • An account of your financial situation
  • Certificate of valid health insurance
  • An official passport photo

Finnish identification number

All students at Hanken are required to have a Finnish personal identity code which will be registered in Hanken’s study register Oodi. It is possible to apply for a Finnish identification number when you register your right to recide through the Finnish Immigration Services. 

You can also obtain a code upon arrival while registering at your municipality's Local Register Office, but we recommend that you apply for the Identity code when you register your right to recide in Finland.

Please note that you must inform the Office of Study Affairs when you obtain a Finnish personal identity code/social security number. For more information, please visit the page of the Local Register Offices.