Timetable for graduation

On this page you will find the timetable for the graduation process.

In the timetable below, you can see by when you need to submit your Master's thesis in order to graduate on a certain graduation date. You should apply for the degree certificate at least three weeks prior to the graduation date. The graduation dates are the same for master's and doctoral degrees. Please note that we cannot allow anyone to differ from these dates and that your thesis supervisor does not have the power to alter these deadlines. If your thesis is submitted later than the inital deadline then your thesis will not be handled nor discussed until the next upcoming Education Council's meeting. Please read the information below the timetable about the graduation ceremonies.

Please observe that the timetable has been updated 27 March due to the new Education Council's meeting schedule. If you are planning to graduate in the end of the summer 2019, please read the section about the graduation date 31 July carefully (further down on this page).

Timetable 2019 - Bachelor's, Master's students and Doctoral students

Submit of Master Thesis 

Apply for Degree Certificate 

Education Council meeting 

Official Graduation Date 

Graduation Ceremony 

The Degree certificate can be picked up at the Student Service in Hki from 10 AM / Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa by appointment in advance

Mon 31.12 2018 

Fri 25.1

Wed 6.2 

Mon 25.2 

Mon 25.2
in Helsinki

Fri 1.3 in Vaasa

Tue 26.2 

Wed 6.2 

Thu 28.2 

Wed 5.3 

Mon 25.3 


Mon 25.3 

Wed 13.3 

Thu 4.4 

Tue 9.4 

Mon 29.4 


Mon 29.4 

Tue 9.4 

Thu 2.5 

Wed 8.5 

Mon 27.5 


Mon 27.5 

Mon 6.5 

Thu 30.5 

Mon 10.6 

Wed 26.6 

Wed 26.6 16:00

Thu 27.6 

Wed 31.7 

Wed 31.7

Mon 2.9 

31.7* OR 19.9 (Master's & Doctors) 

31.7* OR 26.9 (Bachelor's) 


Thu 19.9


Thu 26.9 

Sat 31.8

Thu 26.9 

Tue 1.10 

Mon 21.10 


Mon 21.10 

Mon 30.9

Thu 31.10 

Mon 4.11 

Mon 18.11 


Mon 18.11 

Thu 31.10

Thu 28.11 

Mon 2.12 

Wed 18.12 

Wed 18.12 16:00

Thu 19.12 

Tue 31.12

Tue 31.12End of Jan/Beg. of Feb31.12 or end of Feb ~End of February 2020

*Information about the official graduation date 31 July 2019

In order to graduate with a degree within the academic year 2018-2019, please hand in yourapplication for degree certificate no later than on 31 July 2019 provided that you have handed in your thesis and completed all other studies. In this case, the official graduation date will be 31 July, but the degree certificate will be given to you either on 19 September 2019 (master’s and doctoral degrees) or on 26 September 2019 (bachelor’s degrees).

Bachelor’s degree 31 July: Information is found on the Swedish page, please observe that the timeline for the Bachelor degree certificates differs somewhat from the timeline of the Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.

Master’s Degree / Doctoral Degree 31 July: Hand in the application for master’s degree or doctoral degree electronically no later than 31 July. The master’s thesis doesn’t need to be officially approved by the Education Council but you must have officially submitted the final version of the thesis no later than on 31 July. If you have submitted the thesis and completed all other studies by 31 July you don’t need to register as present for the autumn term 2019. If you apply for the degree certificate by 31 July but you hand in an assignment or write a course exam in August, your official graduation date will be 19 September (master’s/doctoral degree) instead of 31 July, and in this case you must register as present for the autumn term. Everyone who has applied for their degree certificate by 31 July 2019 receive their degree certificates on 19 September (master’s and doctoral degrees) or 26 September (bachelor’s degrees).

Only in special cases we can hand out preliminary degree certificates with official graduation date 31 July before 26 September. Special cases are for instance if you have been conditionally admitted to a university degree education beginning in the autumn 2019 or if you are a Hanken scholarship holder on a master’s degree programme at Hanken that require that you hand in a (preliminary) degree certificate on 31 July or 31 August. In cases like this, please contact studycounsellor-hki@hanken.fi no later than 30 May 2019 to go over all the details.

Graduation Ceremonies
During the graduation ceremony, which is usually held 4pm, the Rector/Dean hands out the degree certificates and Ekonomföreningen Niord gives a rose and a glass of sparkling wine. There is no special dress code for the event, but you might want to honour the occasion with suitable attire. You can bring guests to the graduation ceremony. We wish that you inform us about guests when you register for the degree ceremony (you will receive an invition for the degree ceremony once your graduation has been confirmed, usually about 5-7 days before the graduation date).

As of 2016, there are no longer graduation ceremonies for every graduation date since the number of participants has been low during certain times of the year. If you have your degree certificate on a graduation date without degree ceremony you can pick up your degree certificate at the Service Point in Helsinki or Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa according to the timetable above, but you can also participate in the following degree ceremony at your own campus. This means that if your offical graduation date is in March or April, you can participate in the graduation ceremony in June, and if your official graduation date is in September, October or November, you can participate in the degree ceremony in December. Participation is possible provided that you register for the degree ceremony according to the instructions sent to you my email (by the Office of Study Affairs at the time of your graduation date) and that you hand in your degree certificate at the Service Point in Helsinki / Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa no later than 1 week prior to the graduation ceremony.

If you have questions concerning the graduation dates or graduation ceremony, please contact studycounsellor-hki@hanken.fi (Helsinki) or studycounsellor-vaasa@hanken.fi (Vaasa).

A bigger graduation ceremony, the Solemn Conferment of Master's Degrees, which all the students who have been awarded the Master's Degree during the year can attend, is held once per academic year in Helsinki, and once every 1,5 years in Vaasa. In 2016, the Solemn Conferment of Master's Degrees in Helsinki is usually held in November. See more here https://www.hanken.fi/en/ekonombrev