Important practical information for students

Study practicalities and the academic calendar

In this section you will find information about practical issues concerning your studies, such as the annual registration and registration for courses and registration for exams. You can also look into the rules and regulations concerning degree requirements and your rights and duties as a student.

The First year section contains information for new degree students.

When you are about to start writing your thesis, check the information about the thesis, the maturity test and how to apply for your degree under Completion of studies.

The Academic year

The Academic year begins 1 August and ends 31 July. The terms are divided inte two teaching periods each, periods 1 and 2 during the Autumn term and periods 3 and 4 during the Spring term. Each teaching period consists of seven weeks of teaching followed by one week for exams. Period 4 is one week longer than the other periods due to the Easter vacation.

Academic year 2018-2019

Autumn semester 2018

1-24.8Summer teaching period S1*
(27.8-12.10.2018)(Teaching period 1 for new bachelor students in Swedish)
3.9-12.10.2018Teaching period 1 for master's students and exchange students
3.9.2018 Opening of the academic year in Helsinki at 1 pm (no teaching after 11.45 am)
4.9.2018Opening of the academic year in Vaasa at 1 pm (no teaching after 11.45 am)
12.10.2018No teaching in Vaasa to Hankendagen alumni event
13 & 15–20.10.2018 Exam week for period 1 (all students)
22.10–7.12.2018Teaching period 2 (all students)
6.12.2018No teaching due to national holiday
8 & 10–15 & 17-18.12.2018Exam week for period 2 (all students)


Spring semester 2019

21.1–8.3.2019Teaching period 3 (all students)
9 & 11–16.3.2019Exam week for period 3 (all students)
18.3–10.5.2019Teaching period 4 (all students)
18–24.4.2019Easter vacation, no teaching
11 & 13-18 & 20-21.5.2019  Exam week for period 4 (all students)
22.5-30.6.2019Summer teaching period S2*

*During the two summer periods some elective courses and duplicates of mandatory courses are offered.