The Mentorship Programme

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The Career Services offers students at their final stages of their studies or recently graduated alumni the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program.

Mentoring means that experienced people are acting as a mentor and a sounding board for those who still have less experience of working life. By participating in the mentoring program, you get a chance to grow your network and get new, interesting contacts.

The mentorship programme lets you establish new connections with working life, as you get the opportunity to exchange thoughts regarding your professional future together with your mentor. The mentors in the programme are Hanken alumni who have had a successful start at their career. Furthermore, we hope that the programme would lead to a lasting relationship, that would continue to be beneficial after your time as a mentee as well.

A past mentoring pair, Sari and Irina, share their experiences of the mentorship programme below and opens up the benefits of the programme, as well as what is expected from both parts during the process.

A tool for both personal and professional development

When a mentoring relationship is successful, it has a huge potential of both personal and professional development. The modern mentorship has its roots in the USA, where it has frequently been used both in the business world and during academic studies.

Mentoring means that an older, more experienced person (mentor) will share their professional experience and their knowledge with a younger student or graduate (mentee). Specifically, the mentee may increase his or her knowledge and understanding of a particular industry, a particular company or a particular task and at the same time develop an understanding of how to effectively handle a job – and what this means for both the future professional and private life.

What are the benefits?

  • Your mentor gives you advice, inspiration and career guidance while sharing his or her knowledge and experience
  • You improve your abilities to plan your studies and future career
  • Your transition to working life will become easier, thanks to your increased knowledge of working life
  • You get valuable new contacts to the professional world – your network grows!
  • You develop your personal skills in interaction with your mentor
  • You get more confidence and better self-knowledge
  • You increase your attractiveness on the labour market
  • You can benefit from your mentor’s guidance when applying for jobs after graduation etc.

Those who apply should:

  • Be ambitious and want to develop themselves both professionally and socially
  • Be motivated and active - the mentee and the mentor drive the project forward together!
  • Be prepared to analyze their career goals and career development together with their mentor
  • Be ready to receive feedback that gives cause for reflection and action
  • Be serious in their goals, and commit to the program throughout the next academic year
  • Not participated in the Mentorship Programme earlier

Structure of the programme

The mentor and the mentee meet once a month (approximately seven meetings during the academic year) for 1-2 hours each time. Each pair decides on a schedule and meeting routine that suits them. The meetings between the mentor and mentee are based on the mentee's needs and suggestions of theme for discussion. The idea is to share thoughts and opinions about work, education and the future. Where the meeting takes place is agreed upon by both, the most common being the mentor´s workplace or meetings over lunch.

The program runs for one academic year, but the mentor and mentee can decide to continue the relationship after the program has ended. During the program, information and support for mentors and mentees will be provided at three common events. The programme starts in October with a kick-off where all the pairs meet for the first time and receive information about the mentoring program, continues with a common meeting in January and ends with a final meeting in May.

Would the relationship between mentor and mentee for some reason not function, you can of course drop out of the program.

The Mentorship Programme 2017-2018

Career  Services offers a mentorship programme in Swedish both in Helsinki and Vasa. In Helsinki Career Services also offer the same programme in English for students that don´t speak Swedish. The application period for the programme of 2017-2018 has ended 15 May 2017.