Internship grants

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Students at Hanken can apply for a grant for an internship abroad or in Finland (for those who are not from Finland).

Apply for the grant

Apply for a grant in the Mobility Online portal within the application period. Choose the tab labeled Internship Grant Application. Then proceed to apply for a internship grant from either category 1, 2 or 3. You may only apply through one category per round and you cannot change category later.

The categories:

  1. Member states of the EU Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. EES/EFTA- countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, and Macedonia and Turkey.
  2. Other countries abroad
  3. Finland (restricted to non-Finnish citizens studying in one of the masters programs in English)

You can apply for a grant twice a year, so during two application rounds:

  • Application period 1.12 – 14.12 for a voucher that is valid between 1.1 - 30.6
  • Application period 1.6 – 14.6 for a voucher that is valid between 1.7 - 31.12

During a round you can apply for either an internship grant or for exchange studies, not both.  Please note that you can only receive one grant for either an internship or exchange during each study level.

If you qualify for a grant, you will receive a voucher that is valid until the next application round expires, which is six months. A voucher is a promise to you as a student that you will receive a grant for an internship abroad. Please keep the following in mind:

  • You do not need to have an internship position agreed upon when applying. 
  • The voucher can be used for internship positions found on the Career Service's job board or for internships found independently from other channels.
  • The internship can start at any time of the calendar year during which the voucher is valid.
  • You can apply for a grant for an internship that has already begun as long as the internship has started during the same calendar year for which the voucher is valid.
  • You can also apply for a grant for an internship that has already ended as long as the internship has started during the same calendar year for which the voucher is valid.
  • When you apply for an grant for an internship on bachelors level of your studies it must constitute your mandatory term abroad.
  • When you apply for a grant you accept Hanken's terms and conditions for awarding internship grant.

file type iconSteps during intership process


Step 1: When you have been approved and received an internship voucher

Upload section 01 of the ”Learning Agreement” in Mobility Online. The document will sent to you as an attachment to your voucher. It is by returning section 01 of the "Learning Agreement" that you agree upon your internhsip.

This section is the one that has to be filled in before your internship and before the voucher expires, i.e. as soon as you have found an internship position and agreed with the employer when the internship will take place. Please note that you do not have to start your internship during the time the voucher is valid, as long as you return the Learning Agreement before the voucher expires. The internship can start earlier or later during the same calendar year. You need three signatures on the Learning Agreement:

1. Your own signature
2. A representative from the receiving company
3. The internship position should be accepted by a faculty examinator by having him or her sign*. The name of your internship supervisor can be found in WebOodi under your major either on bachelor or masters level.

*If you are a student at one of Hankens English Master's degree programmes and doing an internship in Finland, a signature by an examinator is not required if you do not intend to include the internship as a part of your studies. An internship abroad should, however, always be accepted by an examinator.

Fill in information about your internship in Mobility Online where it says Fill in data concerning your internship (Student). 

In category 1 it is required that you have health, accident and liability insurance during the internship period. You should confirm that you have sufficient insurance coverage in Mobility Online by clicking on the topic Confirm sufficient insurance coverage (Student). If your internship consitutes an obligatory part of your Bacherlor studies Hanken will provide you with health and accident insurance but not liability insurance. 

Sign and submit the “Grant Agreement” by uploading in it Mobility Online. The Grant Agreement has been sent to you by email after you have uploaded section 01 of the “Learning Agreement”, filled in information about your intenrship in Mobility Online and if needed confirmed that you have adequate insurance coverage (category 1).

For category 3 (domestic internships) no Grant Agreement is needed.

Language test
Internships within category 1 are in general included in the Erasmus+ programme and may therefore include a compulsory online assessment of linguistic competences. If you are to take part in a compulsory online assessment of linguistic competences, it is stated in the “Grant Agreement”, and you will receive an invitation by e-mail. Within 30 calendar days of handing in the “Grant Agreement” and no later than the start of the internship period and/or upon receipt of confirmation of the online assessment of linguistic competences (if required) payment shall be made representing 100% of the grant.


file type iconErasmus OLS language test user guide

The grant will be paid
After you have done all the above mentioned points correctly, your grant will be paid to you. Keep in mind that the grant process is taken care of manually by Career Services and thus the payment does not happen automatically but only after your document have been processed*.

*Category 3 grants go through a different payment process and therefore the payment might take longer to arrive to you (1-2 months).

Step 2: During the Internship (when needed)

Only if the internship duration changes with +-5 days from what was originally agreed upon:

Upload section 02 of the "Learning Agreement", i.e. ”Exceptional Changes to Original Internship Programme" to the Mobility Online portal filled in and signed by a representative at the internship organization. You have to upload the document one month the latest before the planned changes occur as the changes needs to be apporved by Career Services.

Step 3: After the Internship

Return section 03 of the "Learning Agreement", i.e. ”Internship Certificate” signed by a representative at the internship organization within 30 days after the internship period has been completed. You return it by uploading it to Mobility Online. In order to get study credits, you have to return an internship report to your faculty examinator. More information about the internship report can be found in WebOodi. 

Fill in the internship feedback form. When your internship is coming to an end, you will recive an invitation to your email to answer a feedback form regarding your internship. You have to answer within 30 days after the completed internship.

Internships within category 1may include a compulsory language assessment test before and after your internship. In case you have completed a language test before your internship period, you have to complete one afterwards as well. The invitation will be sent to your email.


About the grant amount

The grant is paid at once after you have submitted all necessary documents. This means that you might receive the grant before, during or after the internship depending on when you submit the documents. Keep in mind that you have to upload the Learning Agreement before your voucher expires.

The monthly grant is EUR 470/530 ( EUR 440/500 if internship starts before 1.6.2017). In addition to the monthly grant, a traveling grant of max EUR 750 may be added to the total grant sum.

file type iconRead more about how the grant amount is calculated

file type iconPrinciples for the distribution of internship grants

Qualifications for applying for a grant

To be qualified to apply for a grant from Hanken, the following requirements have to be met:

  • You are enrolled at Hanken for full-time degree studies
  • Your study right extends throughout the duration of the internship
  • You are registered as present throughout the duration of the internship
  • You have not previously received a grant from Hanken (internship or exchange studies) at the same study level (Bachelor or Master)
  • Undergraduates continuing with their graduate studies at Hanken need to have graduated before the application deadline for the intership to be considered part of their master's studies

For an internship position to be qualified for the Hanken grant, it must: 

  • Be abroad*
  • Be full-time and last for at least 87 days but under 365 days
  • Be accepted in your degree by the internship supervisor at your department either as the course Internship Abroad on Bachelor Level (8 ECTS) or as the course Advanced Internship on Master level (8 ECTS) by signing the Learning Agreement**
  • Start during the same calendar year as for which the voucher is valid for

*Not required of internships by students attending English master’s programmes

**Not required of domestic internships by students attending English master’s programmes

Already have applied and have a voucher?

Then you can log on to Mobility Online here.