Hanken International Talent (HIT)

We believe in competitiveness through internationalisation.

HIT (Hanken International Talent) offers high performing international students unique access to Finnish companies that seek to strengthen their competitive edge through internationalisation.

During a structured two-year programme, the student will experience both professional development and personal growth together with a personal sponsor from a participating company.

For students

Your career, your way – From day one, HIT puts you in the driving seat of your career. You will take charge of shaping your professional direction, but you will not have to do it alone. Your sponsor will function as a personal talent manager to help and guide you with your decisions, while Career Services at Hanken will support you during the programme.

Gain unique experience – The programme grants access to industry specialists and professionals in order to support your professional career development and give you an insight into top management. Your sponsor will help you expand your perception of what you can do, promote your visibility, offer advice on executive presence, and build your network both inside and outside of the company.

Make decisions, not coffee – We are seeking future leaders who have the initiative and drive to take on big challenges. We encourage you to contribute to projects at your company right from the start. Expect to be challenged and inspired in equal measure.

For companies

The success of companies relies greatly on employing the best people in the business. The purpose of the International Talent Programme is to attract and retain the most highly qualified and motivated talent in the industry. Through the programme, you will meet students with the aptitude, drive, and personality to take on roles and responsibilities that contribute to the future success of your organisation.

The programme provides companies with a risk-free solution for recruiting international expertise, as well as access to knowledge of foreign culture and languages. The programme functions as an effective solution to gaining an insight into new target markets.

Programme overview

HIT is a two-year programme that lays a solid foundation for your future career. Bring your drive and commitment and we will set you on a path to exciting opportunities.

The programme targets three areas of development:

  • Industry knowledge: gain an in-depth understanding of operations in Finnish export companies and the industry, acquiring international understanding along the way
  • Professional development: get deep, hands-on expertise in the field of your choice
  • Personal growth: take control of your destiny and build skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, and effective collaboration

First year

The student receives a comprehensive introduction to the sponsor’s organisation and the industry at large. The student will set up a two-year career plan with the support of the sponsor with a focus on professional development. Should interests align, this can be followed by comprehensive on-the-job training in the form of an internship with the sponsor’s organisation. This will provide the student with the opportunity to put theory into practice.

Second year

Based on your demonstrated skills and interest, along with business needs and opportunities, the second year will consist of planning and executing your thesis in cooperation with your sponsor’s organisation. The focus is also on general ‘soft skills’ training, such as presentation skills. You will have access to top management, industry specialists, and professionals to enhance your career development.

HIT is challenging and requires hard work but is also very rewarding!

Do you want to join us?

The application period for students for the 2018-2020 programme is during the summer of 2018. Companies wishing to join the International Talent programme can do so at any time.

For students

The second HIT starts in September 2018 and will run for two years. The programme gives you a unique opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of Finnish companies and working culture, while also building an extensive network.

Application period: Application link will be posted here during May 2018

For companies

Are you interested in attracting international talent, while helping today’s students develop into tomorrow’s leaders? If so, we invite you to be part of HIT. For more information and sign-up, you can contact us at corporaterelations@hanken.fi.

A word from the Dean of Education

We are looking for talent with leadership ability to become key contributors to the future success of Finland. Participants in Hanken International Talent will learn and excel over a two-year period through close ties between education and the working world. This unique and varied programme provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.

We believe in the individual thus, the programme is designed to be an efficient and supportive structure for developing talent. I believe that HIT is a great opportunity to launch our students’ careers in the right direction.

HIT 2017-2019 Company Partners