The Student Union

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The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics, SHS, was founded in 1909. During the years the union has carried a great variety of names and been engaged in many different fields of activity. SHS received its current status as a veritable students’ union in 1975, in the process of a university reform. The union is today an independent public juridical entity, regulated by the decree on students’ unions.

Membership of the Student Union

SHS is a provider of service for and a supervisor of the interests of its 2000 members. All students at Hanken are members of the union – a membership that entitles different benefits, such as health service at the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS and discount on train, bus and flight tickets.

Possibilities to Influence Through the Student Union

The Student Union has student representatives in most organs at Hanken. The task of the representatives is to ensure that the student voice is heard in decision-making concerning the students. The majority of the representatives are appointed by the Board of the Student Union, with exceptions for the representatives in the University Council, the Board of Hanken and the Vaasa Campus Committee.