QTEM Master’s Studies

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Learn more about the QTEM network, studies and how to apply.

What is the QTEM Masters programme about?

Taking part in the QTEM Masters programme means that you can be awarded a QTEM Masters Network Certificate in addition to the MSc degree from Hanken School of Economics. The QTEM certificate requires that you fulfil the Hanken MSc degree requirements, spend at least one semester abroad at one of the QTEM universities, do an internship, and complete a minimum of 55 ECTS of quantitative courses. The required QTEM semesters abroad can be done in three ways:

A = two international exchanges and a short-term internship
B = one international exchange and a long-term internship or
C = one international exchange and a short-term internship

Hanken recommends that the QTEM applicants have either a BSc from abroad or have already made an international semester abroad during the BSc studies (track C). In this way the students need only 1 international semester abroad (and a short-term internship) and can spend 3 semesters at Hanken at MSc level.

Please see the QTEM track table.