Courses open for exchange students

Courses open for Exchange Students
The Business courses taught in English that are open for exchange students are compiled in the study register WebOodi study handbooks "Courses open for exchange students", separately for Helsinki and Vaasa.

BSc and MSc courses offered in English are open to exchange students and to regular Hanken degree students alike at both campuses. Exchange students can choose courses at intermediate (BSc) and advanced (MSc) levels according to their own and their home university's preferences and needs, notifying Hanken's prerequisites, of course. Hanken's prerequisites for taking a particular course, as marked in the course description may restrict access to a course. Such prerequisites could be background knowledge and/or limited number of places available on a course. Changes of preliminary plans and course registration in WebOodi are possible. Students must consult their home university concerning their choices for pre-acceptance and for changes of a  a plan. Erasmus + students' "Learning Agreement" is to be followed and up-to-date.

Business Courses taught in Swedish
Students from the Nordic countries who are able to follow instruction in the Swedish language may also choose courses taught in Swedish in both Helsinki and Vaasa.

Language courses at Hanken

Exchange students are offered beginners courses in the Swedish language. Under some conditions it may be possible for an exchnage student to keep up a foreign language and take part in a course in French, German, Spanish or Russian. These foreign language courses are not listed in the study handbook for exchange students. For information on possibilities, please contact the International coordinator.

Swedish as a Foreign Language - web based language course
The course "Swedish as a Foreign Language" is tailor-made for exchange students. The course is studied online as well as with contact hours. The course may be taken in addition to the approximately 30 ECTS credits (4-5 courses) of business subjects during the semestert. It does not require much work, but adds Swedish language proficency at level A-B in the European CEFR language reference as well as a cultural experience.

In Helsinki students can start the Swedish as a Foreign Language I either in the autumn or the spring semester, full year students can proceed over the academic year with modules I + II.

In Vaasa Swedish as a Foreign Language I is offered in the autumn semester.

Elementary Finnish
Hanken does not offer elementary Finnish courses. Students interested in a beginners coiurse in Finnish may contact the International co-ordinator for incoming students in Helsinki about their interest. There may be some course at other institutions in bpth Helsinki and Vaasa, but they may come with a fee.

Foreign language courses at Hanken
In Helsinki foreign language courses are offered to degree students in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Taking a foreign language course usually, requires previous knowledge of the foreign language in question, because the teaching language is Swedish and knowledge of Swedish, consequently, is necessary.

Students wishing to enroll in French, German, Russian or Spanish courses must contact the language instructor in advance or at the start of the semester to assess their level.

In Vaasa a number of thel English language courses are open to exchnage students. To some extent German courses are offered, whereas French and Spanish are not offered at the Vaasa campus.