Studying at Hanken

Two campuses

Hanken has campuses in Helsinki and in Vaasa, a city on the west coast in mid-Finland. Exchange students apply for studies at either or of the campuses, the distance between them being approx 450 km, no commuting is possible

Degrees at Hanken

According to the degree regulations 2005 (following the Bologna structure), the Degree of Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), is a three-year degree comprising 180 credit points in total, which is comparable to 180 ECTS credits. At the bachelor level, the major language of tuition is Swedish, but many courses are also taught in English. Students with an integrated study right to study at Hanken can continue with a Degree of Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)  after completing the bachelor's degree at Hanken. Alternatively, there is the option to apply for one of Hanken's master's degree programmes in either Swedish or English. A master's degree taken under the 2005 degree regulations comprises an additional 120 credit points, which is comparable to 120 ECTS credits, after completing the bachelor's degree. A completed master's degree qualifies a student to apply to pursue doctoral studies.

Research education at Hanken in the first instance leads to a Doctor of Philosphy in Economics. It is also possible for students to complete a Licentiate in Economics and a Doctor of Philosophy. The doctoral degree requires four years of full-time study and the licentiate degree requires two and a half years of full-time study.

Exchange Studies at Hanken

Exchange student at Hanken choose their courses among the regular BSc and MSc level courses offered in English at both campuses. Courses taught in English are open to exchange students with few exceptions at both campuses.


Exchange students from the Nordic countries, who are able to follow instruction in the Swedish language may also choose courses offered in Swedish in both Helsinki and Vaasa.