Student Union membership

Student Union membership and Student card

The Student Union of Hanken (SHS, short for Svenska Handelhögskolans Studentkår) is a separate organisation and is not a part of the university. The Student Union's main functions are to look after the interest of its members, to work as a link between its members and the university, to provide services and to organize social activities. Hanken's Vaasa Campus has its own student association serving students at the Vaasa Campus. For information on the Hanken Student Union, please visit

Membership in the Student Union of a higher education institution is mandatory in Finland. Exchange students at Hanken are going to be members of the Hanken Student Union and shall like regular students order the student card. The membership entitles you to all the benefits and discounts that national students get. Find information and instructions on how to pay your Student Union membership fee here: 

file type icon Student_union_fee_for_the_academic_year_2017_2018.pdf

We recommend that you order the student card/app after arrival at Hanken since you need a Finnish Identity code to order it and that you will get after arrival.  Find information on the student card and order it at the website Frank .