EMBA Course with Individual and Professional Benefits

New Perspectives and Improved Understanding

Hanken Executive MBA provides you and your organisation with the means to develop the ability to tackle key challenges in business both today and tomorrow.

Benefits for You as an Individual

During the two-year programme you will experience:

  • Globally accredited diploma
  • High standard modules with world class faculty and experienced lecturers
  • A journey of learning and sharing with ambitious MBA peers
  • Engaging dialogue where you and your peer students play an important role
  • A flexible part-time programme with daytime classes allowing for work and family commitments

After the two-year programme you have gained:

  • Knowledge about key business areas and processes
  • Capacity to make strategic business decisions
  • Skills and competences to analyse challenges and find solutions to them
  • Skills and tools to lead, develop and engage others
  • Capability to share insight and drive change
  • A business network for life

Benefits for Your Organisation

  • Managers and top talents that excel and gain new motivation through an internationally accredited programme
  • A colleague equipped with
    • strengthened capacity to make strategic decisions
    • new perspectives, strategic view and theoretical awareness
    • improved understanding of business areas and processes
    • capacity to find solutions, i.e. skills to analyse challenges and find effective solutions
    • essential leadership and management skills
    • international business contacts