International Student Ambassadors

Let our International Student Ambassadors introduce you to Hanken and the student life.

Meet our student ambassadors and check out their Nordic Brilliance blog!

Chengjing Jounio, Humanitarian Logistics

chengjing-isa.pngHi, I’m Jing and a second year Master’s student in Business and Management in track Humanitarian Logistics. This special program was the foremost reason why I chose Hanken to start my new journey.

During the first year of study, I was impressed by the amazing people you could meet and work with at school. The course topics are contemporary and international. Guest lectures from industry experts or professors from renown universities are common practices. I especially appreciate frequent in-class discussions and interesting yet practical group projects with prominent companies and organizations with special focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility.

I came from Changsha, China and have been living in Finland for 6 years now, as I also completed my bachelor's degree here. The city life in Helsinki is just getting better and better with the years. Having a hand-brewed coffee with friends is the best afternoon pastime for me. Besides this simple yet heavenly activity, there are lots of happenings here. No matter what your interests are or if you’d like to get inspired to try new things, just go and talk with people and be surprised over all the exciting things you can take part in. I am currently working in event production for an NPO called The Shortcut. We are promoting diversity in the energetic startup ecosystem in Finland.

Get in touch with me at - let’s talk more about everything!


Fangbing Wang, Business and Management


I moved to Finland by myself after I graduated from high school in Dalian, China. While studying for my bachelor’s degree in Finland, I started working full-time in a multinational enterprise, where I have rotated between different business functions. I've met many great Finnish people who have helped me along the way and gotten myself well-established in Finland with diverse experiences and valuable networks.

Currently, I am second-year master’s student majoring in Marketing under Business and Management, as well as the Founder and President of Hanken BisMan (Hanken’s Business and Management society). What I like about Hanken is the opportunity to network, Hanken’s high status in international cooperation, its strong connection with companies, our projects for world-class companies, and having senior executives as guest lecturers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at


Vytautas Silinskas, Economics


Hello and welcome to the blog! My name is Vytas, I am from Vilnius, Lithuania and I am a first year Master’s degree student majoring in Economics.

My journey as a student in Finland started a bit differently, as I initially moved here to work at the Embassy of Lithuania to Finland. The year I spent working here gave me an opportunity to familiarise myself with the country and search for a suitable place for further studies. One of the reasons why I chose Hanken was the thought that a business school would provide me with the feeling of being a part of a community, something that I had been missing during my studies at a large university back home. Believe me, I was not let down!

Personally, apart from maximising profits and studying consumers’ behaviour, I love playing basketball, so you can find me either at the library or at one of Helsinki’s basketball courts. I am also a foodie and I enjoy meeting new people.

Feel free to drop me a message at if you have any questions regarding studies at Hanken, Hanken’s Economics programme or student life in Finland. Looking forward to meeting you!


Marcel Vogt, Finance


Hey there! My name is Marcel and I am originally from Germany. I am currently pursuing the Master´s Programme in Finance in my first year at Hanken. I moved to Finland in August 2017, after I graduated as a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration, with a major in Accounting and Finance, in Germany. I chose Hanken due to its good reputation and very good company contacts. Furthermore, Hanken prepares it´s students in an excellent manner for a career in the business world or for pursuing a PhD.

The atmosphere at Hanken is great! Due to Hankens´size the atmosphere is very welcoming, and you will feel comfortable very easily. Especially in the beginning of your studies you will meet many students from different countries and with different backgrounds. The events of the Master´s Committee are also always a good way to meet new and interesting people.
Most of the students at Hanken are very ambitious and hardworking, but still very friendly and open minded, this creates a very motivating environment. The classes are demanding but the professors are very approachable and always open to help you. Besides the studies at Hanken there are different interesting seminars, student organisations and other activities you can attend to.
The city of Helsinki offers also various activities for students and a great mix between beautiful landscapes and a metropolitan city.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding the application process, studying at Hanken, Hanken´s Finance Programme or about the student life in Helsinki. I am looking forward to hear from you.


Jane Petrova, Intellectual Property Law


Hello and welcome aboard!

My name is Jane and I am a first year Master’s student in Intellectual Property Law.

In Moscow, I graduated from the Russian Foreign Trade Academy and throughout my career, I was responsible for coordinating trade finance projects and assisting companies in various international deals. I find inspiration in both people and documents and I believe that such a combination makes you a real expert in the field.

Despite interesting life and work in Russia, my irrepressible sense of adventure made me seek new paths and experiences.

Then I met Hanken. He is slightly older than I am but very wise and clever, with a brilliant reputation and sense of humor. His solid skills in many areas of business and law attract and inspire. He invites friends from businesses and top universities to tell you about their research interests and practical insights. He brings you to exciting events where you can meet fantastic people and network. He is sometimes critical and demanding, but with no doubt generous and friendly.

I know that I made the right choice and education at Hanken will open many doors for me all over the world.

If you want to know more about studies and life at Hanken or particularly about the Intellectual Property Law program, get in touch with me at


Marco Eckhardt, International Strategy and Sustainability


Hi, my name is Marco and I am a second year Master’s student majoring in International Strategy and Sustainability. I initially moved to Helsinki from Stuttgart, Germany in 2013 to get my BBA degree here in Helsinki. After I graduated, there was really only one university whose Master’s programme intrigued me. That was Hanken. The excellent research facilities, great network of academics and professionals, and career opportunities Hanken offers made it an easy choice for me.

I personally have a professional background in the automotive industry, yet I had no issues finding my new passion in the Management and Organisation programme here at Hanken. The variety of courses offered cover many fields of interest and let me pick my own favourites to make a curriculum that is interesting to me. Currently I am involved in a very challenging course to help me develop my skills in management consulting, which is one of my new found interests besides sustainability and innovation in management.

The student life also has plenty to offer, besides free time activities and company visits, I personally enjoy the sports clubs and different events organised by groups like the Master’s committee, which I am also a part of.

Last but definitely not least, I have to mention my favourite part of Hanken - the people. I have rarely met so many smart, innovative, hard-working, and straight up amazing people from all kinds of cultures in one place. I’ve made friends and connections here that I would have never made anywhere else.

If there is anything you’d like to know about the studies, programs, student life in Helsinki or anything that revolves around Hanken - feel free to contact me @


Liu Ye, Accounting


Hello! My name is Liu Ye and I am a Master’s degree student in International Accounting. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication in China, after which I came to Hanken to continue my studies. I firmly believe that Hanken offers good opportunities for their students’ futures and I learn a lot from great teachers and friends.

In my view, Hanken is a warm family for all international students. The student union and school staff are friendly and helpful. I am sure that you will fall in love with Hanken very easily! I really like the Master’s programme, the facilities, and student events offered by Hanken, and I believe that I made the right choice in coming here!

Apart from studies, I am interested in travelling and outdoor sports. I am very glad to be an International Student Ambassador, so please feel free to contact me at for any questions you may have. Hope to see you soon at Hanken!