Double degree with EMLyon

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As a student applying to the specialisation track International Strategy and Sustainability, you have the option to apply for a double degree with EM Lyon Business School.


EMLyon Business School is a French business school founded in Lyon/France in 1872 by the local business community. It is affiliated with the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and currently holds the triple accreditation: EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB. According to the Financial Times, EMLyon belongs to the top 20 European business schools and the top 10 Masters in Management programmes worldwide.

The double degree option is an extraordinary opportunity to obtain two degrees in four semesters:

  • Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration awarded by Hanken School of Economics and the
  • Master in Management awarded by EMLyon Business School.

Successful completion of a double degree offers many benefits. These include, for example:

  • Two universities, two cultures - By experiencing two different university systems and cultures, you can further develop your individual personality and enhance your awareness of cultural differences.
  • The strengths of two top institutions - You benefit from the strengths of both universities and thus expand your subject-specific and methodological perspectives.
  • Networks - As a graduate you become a member of the alumni networks of both Hanken and EMLyon. This improves your value both on the national and international job markets.

Double degree structure

As a double degree student, you complete the course requirements based on the existing agreement between Hanken School of Economics and EMLyon Business School.

All of the coursework required to obtain both degrees has to be taken without extending the total length of studies (4 semesters). The double degree programme is carried out at the two universities as follows:

First year of studies:

Autumn semester at Hanken School of Economics
Spring semester at EM Lyon, France

Second year of studies:

Autumn semester at EM Lyon, France
Spring semester at Hanken School of Economics

Semester 1 and Semester 4 are spent at Hanken. At least 80 credits have to be taken during these semesters. These obligatory credits comprise:

  • Three courses from the Strategy and Sustainability-track (24 ECTS from Global Business Environment, Strategic International Human Resource Management, and Business Ethics),
  • Language courses (6 ECTS),
  • A research seminar (12 ECTS),
  • Research methods (8 ECTS), and the
  • Master's thesis (30 ECTS). The master's thesis will be written at and supervised by Hanken during the fourth semester.

Semester 2 and Semester 3 will be spent at EMLyon Business School. During this time at least 45 ECTS credits have to be taken. These obligatory credits include:

  • Four core courses from EMLyon's Master's in Management programme (20 ECTS from Finance for Managers, Corporate Social Responsibility, Essentials of Marketing, and Operations & Supply Chain Management) and
  • Elective courses worth 25 ECTS.

Outline of the general course of studies for students participating in the double degree programme in the academic year 2016/2017:

For students enrolled at Hanken:

For students enrolled at EMLyon:

Requirements for completing the double degree

The requirements for Hanken double degree students to graduate from EMLyon are:

  • 6 months of relevant work experience at Master's level. Hanken students have the possibility to validate this experience before attending EMLyon or during the summer session, or after the programme at EMLyon. If the internship has been completed before enrolling in EMLyon Business School, it must be validated through an EMLyon document titled "Evaluation du Stagiaire Programme MSc" duly filled in by your direct internship supervisor. EMLyon will assist double degree students in finding a suitable internship.
  • 55 ECTS credits at EMLyon. It is compulsory for students to complete and validate 30 ECTS worth of core courses at EMLyon. In addition, students are required to complete 25 ECTS of elective courses.
  • Language courses. Students from Hanken are able to follow language courses at EMLyon. EMLyon does not provide ECTS credits for the language courses but the number of contact hours will be taken into account at Hanken.
  • A final Master's thesis completed at Hanken (30 ECTS credits)

Admission to the double degree programme

When applying for admission to the track International Strategy and Sustainability within the specialisation Business and Management, the applicant can simultaneously choose to apply for the double degree programme. On the application form, there is a specific question regarding the programme and therefore no separate application is needed.

Please check the additional admission criteria on the admissions page.

A maximum of 2 students per academic year are accepted into the double degree programme within the track International Strategy and Sustainability.

Fees and scholarships

Participating students are exempt from tuition fees at the host institution. 

Nevertheless, additional costs might incur through travelling from one university to the other or by higher living expenses abroad.

Hanken provides a scholarship for the period of studies at EMLyon.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding the programme.