Cooperation together with Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Courses offered to both Arcada and Hanken students.

Rules for how to incorporate courses at Arcada University of Applied Sciences/Hanken School of Economics into your studies

  1. is the course on BSc level or MSc level? If the course is at Arcada UAS on BSc level it shouldn't be incorporated into a MSc degree at Hanken.
  2. Language courses can be taken at Hanken/Arcada quite freely, ask the langugae course's teacher for for information (contact information ot the teachers can be found the course description at both Hanken/Arcada)
  3. Students must fulfill all prerequisites to be able to participate in any course
  4. If the course is full or only has limited space, then students from the "home university" will be prioritized

Linn Hongell ( is the contact person at Arcada.

How to find courses & register for them?

  • Courses at Hanken: check our Sisu and send an e-mail from your address with all the needed information (course name, your student status at Arcada) - you will be asked to fill in a electronic form
  • Courses at Arcada: check Arcada's Open UAS, and sign up to the course through that portal, but be sure to use your address, otherwise the course will not be free of charge
    • note: Arcada offers a lot of courses within computer programming!