Do you want to take courses at Hanken?

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Take courses at Hanken and increase your competences: we offer courses, study modules - and note that you can be offered admission based on courses completed at Hanken!

MOOCs - Hankens Massive Open Online Courses open for all

Hanken MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for anyone interested in highly topical issues such as sustainable development, humanitarian logistics and service management. The participants will be provided short video lectures, articles, discussions and tests. All MOOC courses are available online at Future Learn and designed for both mobile devices and computers. You can attend the courses free of charge. Course certificates are provided up on request and a small cost ('upgrade'). Some of the MOOCs can be done as Hanken Open University courses, from these you’ll receive 2 study credits each.

Open University Courses

Hanken's Open University courses that are open for anyone who fulfill the prerequisites. Registration fee is 15 euro per study credit. If you are registered as present at any other Finnish University you are welcome to participate in our Open University courses free of charge. 

Study Modules and Courses

A study module at Hanken can for example be used as a minor subject in your degree at another university or increase your competences in hopes to be offered admission to MSc studies at Hanken.

  • Study module in Corporate Responsibility open for anyone. The CR module can be used as a minor subject at another university
  • Study module in IP Law. Students who have completed the IPL module can be offered admission to the IPL MSc programme at Hanken
  • Finnish Business Culture for asylum seekers hoping to get valuable insights in the Finnish Business Culture

The registration to the courses/modules is done via the Open University study portal or via a separate e-form. Further instructions and links can be found on each course/module's website. Please note, the modules have participation limits and some modules require prior knowledge of the studies. Most modules have a quota that enables students registered as present at other universities to participate in the courses/modules free of charge.

Students from other Universities 

You are welcome to register for courses through Hanken's Open University registration portal, or in some cases via separate e-forms. The courses are free of charge if you are registered as present at any Finnish university or university of applied sciences. To register you need: 

  • Official (stamped) Certificate of Enrolment from your home university
  • Use your Finnish home university e-mail address for registration. By using this address Hanken will ensure that you are a registered degree student