Student Card

The Student Card is your personal identification card as a student and you also need it to get student discounts.

The student card is e.g. needed:

  • as ID during exams
  • in the student cafeterias to be entitled to the student discount
  • as ID to receive your official transcript of records and certificate of enrolment
  • to receive your student public transport card
  • to receive discount on train and long-distance bus travels in Finland

NB! If you choose one of the Student Mastercard Debit-cards with contactless payment function then that card can also be used as a key to the doors at Hanken and as a card for printing credits.

You are entitled to student discounts with your student card when you are registered as present for the academic year and the card is equipped with a valid sticker for the ongoing academic year.

How do I order my card?

You need to order the card through the Frank website yourself after you have received your Hanken student number. The student number will be e-mailed to you usually before the Orientation Days by the Admissions Office. You can order the student card as a Mastercard Debit card if you choose so. The Student card is also available as an app, the Frank app. Note that you need to attach a digital photo of yourself (does not have to be an ID photo) when you order the card.

The card will be sent to the printing house when Frank has received the confirmation from Hanken's study register that you are registered as present in the beginning of the term. You will receive an email from Frank when the card is ready to be picked-up.

How will I receive the card?

The card is either sent to your home address or can be picked up at:

  • in Helsinki: IB Bookstore (Hanken main building)
  • in Vaasa: the Student Union's Office (Kirjastonkatu 16).

After receiving the card you need to visit the Student Union's reception point in the Forest in the basement at Hanken in Helsinki or at the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa in order to receive a sticker on the student card. The sticker is a proof that you are registered as present for the ongoing academic year.