Orientation Days

Welcome to Hanken! Here you'll find information about the Orientation Days and the detailed programme.


Note! The Orientation Days are not intended for students who have already done their Bachelor's degree at Hanken and now start their Master's degree studies.

The schedule for 2021 will be published soon! 






The Orientation Days for students admitted to the master's level in Helsinki will be held on 26-28 August 2020. The programme is mandatory for all new students.

Note! The Orientation Days are not intended for students who have already done their Bachelor's degree at Hanken and now start their Master's degree studies.


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The Orientation Days 2020 in Helsinki

  •  For all Master’s degree students

WEDNESDAY 26.8.2020


Location: Maxen, second floor, Hanken main building.

  • Only mandatory for international students

9:00              Welcome to Finland

10:00            Practicalities

10:20            Break

10:30            General program

12:00             Lunch break


Location: Assembly hall Floor 1, Hanken main building

  • only for students admitted to studies in Swedish

12:30              Välkommen till Hanken


Location: Assembly hall, Hanken main building

  • Mandatory for all new students

13:00              Welcome to Hanken

13:30              This is Hanken

13:50               Practicalities

14:00-16:00   Registration & Coffee (Foyer 1st Floor) only for students present ( others will have to book appointments for this when they arrive)





Location: Assembly Hall, Ground Floor, Hanken Main building (mandatory for ALL new students)


09:15              Study services and practicalities 

10:15               Break  

10:30              Specialisation/major specific sessions:

 - Företagsledning och organsation och Entrepenörskap och företagsledning Only online

IPL& Handelsrätt Only online

- Economics & Nationalekonomi Room 405

- FABD & Redovisning & Finansiell Ekonomi Room 309 

- Logistik och sammhällsansvar and Humanitarian Logistics Room 307

- Marketing och Marknadsföring Room 305

- International Strategy and Sustainability Only online


12:00               Lunch

12.00              Registration in room  309. Drop in (for those who didn’t already register on Wednesday)

13:00            Study plans and course registration (3rd floor classrooms)

- Business and Management Room 309

- Financial Analysis and Business Development Room 306

- IPL and Economics Room 307

- Svenskspråkiga Magisterstuderande Rum 308


17:00               Rectors Welcome online



FRIDAY 28.8.2020


Location: Maxen, 2nd Floor, Hanken Main building


09:30             IT-services

10:00             IT-security

11:00            Career Services and HIT

11:30            Library Services

11:45            Lunch break

13:00           Study Skills at Hanken- Best Practices

13:30          SHS- Student Union of Hanken School of Economics And The Masters' committee – the student association for all Master’s degree students

14:00      Tour of Hanken (with the tutors)


The Masters' Committee Orientation Programme

The Master's Committee, the student association for all Master's degree students (both Swedish and English Masters students), organises their own orientation events for new students. Please join the Facebook group "Hanken Helsinki Master’s Students 2020/2021". In the group you will find out more about the Master’s Committee’s events during the Orientations Days as well as future events.






The Orientation Day for students admitted to master's studies in Vaasa is held on 28 August 2020 - reserve the whole day for the programme. The programme is mandatory for all new students. The programme will be available below.


During the Orientation Days we will provide you with the tools and knowledge to kick-start your studies. The Orientation days are a compulsory component of your studies. International students are requested to ensure that they make their travel arrangements so that they arrive in time for the orientation days.

During the Orientation days you will

  • enrol officially at the university
  • learn about your studies, study practicalities and what is expected of you as a student at Hanken
  • have specialisation-specific info sessions about the specialisation with the specialisation staff and current students
  • register for courses in the study tool Weboodi
  • get to know the study environment
  • get to network with both new and old students

Orientation Days programme in Helsinki will be uploaded later.


Orientation Day programme in Vaasa

Will be uploaded later.