Quantum är utrustat med avancerad datorutrustning
Quantum is a versatile meeting place that offers access to databases of financial data allowing for handling of big data. Modern technology allows for streaming of all teaching and events as well as real-time following of financial news.

The centre of Quantum is a platform with 20 computer-equipped working stations, of which 10 are Bloomberg terminals and 5 are big screens allowing simultaneous presentation of multiple sources. Quantum also offers a group-working oasis, standing tables for effective and quick meetings, and revolving multi-function chairs suitable for individual as well as group work.


Next event in Quantum
Date Time Theme Online link
13.3.2020 9-11 Bloomberg / Samuel Lammi Cancelled due to the Corona virus


Bloomberg Information

The first time you use Bloomberg you need to create an username. Please read the instructions on the desktop of the computer on "How to create Bloomberg login.pdf".

At the moment everyone need to install the Bloomberg Excel Add-In in their individual profile. This is how it is done: Start -> Bloomberg -> Install Office Add-Ins.

Here you find he recording from Samuel Lammi's Bloomberg presentation from 20.2.2020. (link will be added here)

There are also Bloomberg Webinars held in the last week of every month. Check the schedule and sign up (requires login).



The helpdesk, who can help you with SPSS and the databases with financial and company information, is available as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The schedule for a similar helpdesk in Vaasa will be announced later.


The databases in Quantum

Map of Quantum - Karta över Quantum

The following databases are available only on the computers in Quantum:

  • Bloomberg, see more information above.
  • Capital IQ, username and password in the document "Eikon&CapitalIQ login.txt".
  • EIKON, username and password in the document"Eikon&CapitalIQ login.txt".
  • FactSet, no addition credentials needed.
  • (Infront)
  • SDC Platinum, no addition credentials needed.

In Vaasa you find these databases in room 221.

All databases with financial and company information available at Hanken are presented on the library's homepage.

You can also read more about sources with financial data in the libguide in finance. Your teachers and advisors can help you with questions on the data in the databases.

  1. Q: There is no Capital IQ Excel Add-In available.
    A: The IT Department is looking into this issue right now.