Highered career portal

EFMD is an international, not-for-profit, membership organisation of business schools and corporations.


Since Hanken is a member school of EFMD, you have access to a personal portal to find internships, apprenticeships and trainee and graduate positions that are relevant to you from companies around the world. Usually there are around 1000 internship posts in the portal so you have a lot to choose from.

The Highered career portal is launched as an addition to Hankens own job board. The Highered portal has a stronger international focus and is targeted towards international students looking for placements back home and local students that want to have an international experience.

The first step

As a part of your journey towards employment, Highered would like to give you a head start and discover the potential in you. That is why you will find an online assessment test center in the portal under My Tests, where you can take 4 different tests. You will get access to a professional report when you are finished with all the tests. The themes of the tests are:

  • Work-related Behaviour (management)
  • Numerical Reasoning (consumer)
  • Verbal Reasoning (consumer)
  • Vocational Interests and Motivation

The worst that could happen you might wonder? Perhaps you will get to know yourself a little better? 

You can log into the portal here.