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Instructions for the search page in Sisu

To search for courses in Sisu you should go to the Search page. You can also access the page without logging in.

Search Sisu

On the page you can search for courses at Hanken by entering the name or code of the course, or by using the filters under Filter. The search field requires a minimum of three characters to complete a search. You can also use asterisks (*).

The following filters are available:

Filter Sisu

The filters

The most relevant filters are organisation, course level, language of instruction and teaching in a specific period. You can search with one or more filters at the same time. The filters are described below.

Organisation - Use this filter to find courses in a specific subject at Hanken.

The subjects offered at Hanken are listed below. The subjects offer teaching in both Helsinki and Vaasa, if nothing else is written.

  • Accounting
  • Commercial Law
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation
  • Finance
  • Information Systems Science
  • Management and Organisation
  • Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility - In general only in Helsinki, but some online courses are also open for students in Vaasa
  • Swedish
  • English
  • French - during the academic year 2022-23 all courses are exceptionally online, and offered for both Helsinki and Vaasa students
  • Russian - only in Helsinki
  • Spanish
  • German

Organisation filter

It is not recommended to use the organisation menu to complete the search, but rather to type in the subject you're interested in. Note, that you should select the option in the list containing the name of the subject+location, for example "Accounting, Helsinki".

Accounting filter

If you filter only by Organisation without using other filters, the search will give you all of the courses by that subject. This means that you will find courses in all levels, and most likely also courses for which teaching isn't offered right now.

Course level - Here you can select which level of courses you want to find in your search. Intermediate studies = courses on bachelor level, Advanced studies = courses on master level, Postgraduate studies = courses on doctoral level, Other studies = language courses.

Course level filter

Language of instruction - Here you can filter by the language of the teaching. Please note that the language of the course might differ from the language of teaching in some cases.

Language filter

Teaching in a specific period - Here you can filter the teaching by period. Alkukesä means May-June, Loppukesä means August.

Teaching period filter

If you for example want to search for courses on bachelor level in accounting, given during the autumn of 2022 you should use the following search filters:

accounting example

You can change your selections in the filters either by clicking the pen to edit your selection, or by clicking the cross to remove the filter.

Edit filter

If you are logged in you can save the course to your course cart. Click on "Add to course cart" on the right side of the page.

Add to course cart

You can then easily find the contents of the course cart in the study plan behind the blue button "Add to the plan". The instructions for the study plan can be found here.