Completed credits in Sisu

This page contains information about how you can find your completed credits in Sisu. Read through all the instructions on this page before you contact us regarding the credits.
General information about completed credits in Sisu

You can see your completed credits in two places in Sisu, in the study plan and on the page My profilePlease note that the first page in Sisu only shows the amount of credits placed in your study plan. This does not mean the rest of the credits are missing from Sisu.

In your study plan you will see a grade and a wreath at the completed credits found in the study plan. See instructions further down about how to insert other completed credits to the study plan.

On the My profile page, under the tab Completed credits you can see all of your completed credits, also the ones not found in the study plan. Here you will also be able to print an inofficial transcript of records. See further instructions on official transcripts on the page Study services.

Furthest up on the Completed credits tab you can see completed study modules and individual courses. Completed degrees at Hanken will also show under Study modules when they have been transferred (later this spring). You can sort the credits according to the number of credits, grade or date of completion. As a default, the credits are sorted from newest to oldest. Note! Completed degrees have now been transferred, but the transfer is still being corrected for some completed degrees. The corrections will be updated automatically later.

The default view only shows passed credits. You can check your failed and expired credits by clicking Passed credits and changing the selection in the drop down menu. Note! Since the transfer of completed degrees is still being corrected, older credits included in completed degrees can incorrectly show as expired for a while. This will be corrected once correction is completed, you don’t need to do anything yourself.

If a credit is expiring within a year the warning "Credit expires" will show both in the list and in the panel on the right side. In order to move the expiry date you need to fill in the form for expired courses found on this page Forms. Please note that we will not be able to process these until later this spring. Note! If it regards a credit included in a degree, it will be updated automatically when the degree transfer is corrected. You don’t need to do anything about it.


You are not in a rush to add your completed credits to your study plan. We will organise support workshops later this spring to help with the credits. You do not need to do everything at once.

All credits you have completed might not show automatically in your study plan. In this case they need to be added manually. Before you graduate, all the credits you want included in your degree certificate need to be found in the study plan.

Note! In some cases the credits might have been transferred with a differing code, compared to the one showing in WebOodi.

Begin with substituting courses – eg. Hki/Vaasa substitutions, or older credits now substituted by new course codes

If you have completed courses at Hanken which can’t be found as an option in your study plan you should begin by checking if they have substituting courses in your study plan. If you for example study in Helsinki, but have completed the course 1121-V in Vaasa instead of the course 1121 in Helsinki, you should select 1121-V  as a substitution through the Substitutions-function in Sisu.
Click on the course code (1121 in the example). A popup-window with information a course will open. Then click on the tab Substitutions.

Click on the course code you want to substitute the original course with. When you have selected the course you can close the popup-window, the selection is saved automatically.

Completed credits missing from the optional studies

On the left side of the Study structure page you will find a blue button with the text “Add to the plan”. When you click on it you will see all of your credits not yet found in your study plan.

By clicking on the arrow next to the course you can add the course to the optional studies or study modules that have space for completely optional studies. After clicking the arrow next the course, click on Select at the module/heading you want to place the course in.

Lastly, you should click Confirm when you’ve placed the credit.

Recognised credits in the major or minor subject

If you have completed studies at another university in Finland or abroad, and want to include those credits in your major or minor subject, follow these steps. This only concerns credits already registered in WebOodi.

Click on the heading where you want to place the credit (for example Basic studies in Economics) to open the panel to the right. Activate the Free edit mode by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and click on Free edit mode. Then click on “Add a course you have already completed” to see a list of your completed credits not yet found in the study plan.

Click on Add at the credit you want to add to the module.

This will cause your plan to be in the Selections against the rules-state. In order to fix this, you need to apply for approval of custom content, i.e. the deviation you just added to the module. Do this by clicking Apply for approval in the panel to the right while the Free edit mode is activated. NOTE! Make sure to have all the courses you want placed under the specific heading when you graduate before you apply for approval. After you have applied for approval, it isn't possible to make changes in the content under the heading anymore. If it regards for example Elective studies within the subject, you need to have selected all courses you plan on completing in that section before you apply for approval.

You need to write a motivation for the custom content in the application. If you have approval from before for example from a teacher or study counselor, please write this in the motivation. You can for example write "The teacher XXXX has approved of this in 2018" or "Approved by study counselor, e-mail reference #12345."

All the credits you have completed might not show automatically in your study plan. Follow the instructions above to see how you add them to your plan.

Note! In some cases credits transferred from WebOodi might have differing course codes in Sisu.

Why is the total amount of credits not the same in WebOodi and Sisu?

The first page in Sisu only shows the credits included in the study plan. The total amount of credits can be seen on the Completed credits tab on the page My profile.

The total amount of credits is not necessarily always the same between WebOodi and Sisu even if they show the same completed courses. This is due to the differing way of counting credits in the two systems. Everything is okay if you can see the same credits in Sisu as in WebOodi.

Why is one of my completed credits is missing in Sisu?

If it regards older credits – check the My profile page first and see if you can find the credit there. Also check on the same page under Failed and expired credits to see if the credit can be found there.

If the credit is still missing after checking all the above examples you can contact us on Please note we have a big volume of messages to answer at the moment, which means there might be a delay before we answer. None of your credits will get lost because of Sisu.