Sisu - the new study administration system

We will transition from WebOodi to Sisu in the end of 2021. The transition begins in spring 2021. You can find the schedule, important dates and user instructions among other things on this website. The page is continuously updated with more information - keep an eye on this page!

What changes with Sisu?

The use of Sisu is based on the study plan you create. You will also register for your courses through your study plan. Sisu portrays visually which studies you have completed and which studies are still required for your degree. You can receive feedback on your study plan, as well as ask questions about it directly via Sisu. The path from the beginning of your studies until graduation becomes clearer and the access to digital services smoother thanks to Sisu.

The following can be done in Sisu:

  • planning and timing of studies
  • registration to courses
  • transfer of credits based on prior learning
  • application for degree diploma
  • application for the extension of study right

What should I as a student do now?

The main difference for you as a student is that you must plan your studies before registering for teaching. In practice, you must first add a course to your study plan and then register for the course. You can also flexibly edit your study plan as your studies progress, it does not have to be completed at once. Enrolled students must create their study plan in Sisu during the autumn 2021 in order to be able to register for courses in Sisu in the spring.

Acquaint yourself with how to do this in Sisu through the instructions which will be published on this website later this spring term. We will also organise workshops during autumn to help you create your study plan.

Keep an eye on this page!

Updated 23.6

  • May: First year Bachelor students choose their major and create their study plan in Sisu
  • May - June: Other students gain access to Sisu and create their study plan in Sisu
  • May - August: The registration for attendance for the academic year 2021-2022 is still done in WebOodi
  • August: Registration to courses and exams in period 1 and 2 is done in WebOodi
  • December: All students who plan on completing courses from period 3 onwards have to have created their study plan in Sisu (exact date TBA)
  • December/January: Registration to courses and exams in period 3 is done in Sisu (exact date TBA)
  • December/January: We transition completely from WebOodi to Sisu. Both WebOodi and Sisu will be out of use for approximately a week (exact date TBA)
  • January--> Registration of studies is done only in Sisu
  • January--> Application for the degree diploma is done only through the study plan in Sisu (requires a completed study plan in Sisu)

If you apply for your bachelor's degree certificate on 31 July at the latest and continue with your master's studies in autumn, you must create a study plan for your master's studies in Sisu during the autumn. You will register to courses via your study plan in Sisu in the next spring. Check here for information on the graduation process.

If you apply for your master's or doctoral degree certificate on 31 July at the latest you don't have to transition to Sisu. Check here for information on the graduation process.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions or face a technical issue with Sisu and can't find an answer in the instructions or on the FAQ page, please contact us at