Study services

On this page you can find services offered to you as a Hanken student.

Please note that the opening hours on this page don't apply currently. For opening hours from 13 March 2020 onward and other information relevant during the exceptional circumstances caused by the corona epidemic, please click here.

Short study matters: certificates, submitting forms etc

Student Service, Quantum, 1st floor
Mon-Thu 10-13 (during teaching periods and exam weeks)

Exceptional opening hours:

Closed Thursday 30.1.2020 (The study counselling office is open 14-16.00)

Telephone: 040 3521 219 (during opening hours)

Email: studyinfo(at)


Office of Study Affairs Mon-Fri 10-14

Telephone: 040 3521 571

Office of Study Affairs, 2nd floor

Individual study counselling for master's students
Opening hours (no booking in advance):

Mon 13-15
Wed 9-11
Thu 14-16

Email: studycounsellor-hki(at) (response time 1-2 weeks).

Office of Study Affairs, 1 floor
Individual study counselling for master's students (no need to make a booking in advance):
Mon 13-15
Wed 10-12
Thu 13-15

Studycounsellor Britt-Mari Siironen
Telephone: 040 3521 736


Currently there is no study psychologist in Helsinki. Please see the CURRENT INFO page for other available study services.


Hanken shares a Study Psychologist with Åbo Akademi and Novia, who works in Swedish, Finnish and English.

Student psychologist Daniel Ventus, room 204

Mondays by appointment in advance
Telephone: 046 921 61 21
Email: or