Hanken International Talent

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Engage and win with Hanken International Talent while you are at Hanken!
#HankenHIT initiative helps build bridges between Hanken international master students and Finnish companies for an increased growth, sales, innovation and performance! Get in touch to learn more!

Engage and Win with Hanken International Talent

Hanken International Talent is a talent management programme which not only matches newly-admitted international students with Finnish companies, but helps you build your network in Finland, improve your CV and support you in building connections to potential employers during the duration of your master studies.

Your career, your way – From day one, Hanken International Talent puts you in the driving seat of your career. You will take charge of shaping your professional direction, but you will not have to do it alone. Your mentor will function as a personal talent manager to help and guide you with your decisions, while Career Services at Hanken will support you during the process.

Gain unique experience –  when you apply you become a part of a Hanken International Talent pool which is then shared with Finnish business and NGO professionals in order to find a perfect match how to best support your development and give you an insight into Finnish business and social life. Your mentor will help you expand your perception of what you can do, promote your visibility, offer advice on job search and build your network both inside and outside of the company.

Make decisions – We invite and accept all international students to apply to grow and put into use your initiative and drive to take on big challenges. Expect to be challenged and inspired!

For any questions please contact corporaterelations@hanken.fi

Step 1: Applications will open in September 2020 
Step 2: In October-November 2020 join the interviews 
Step 3: Results and admissions 
Step 4: Kick-off to be announced 

What companies say

The success of companies relies greatly on employing the best people in the business. The purpose of Hanken International Talent is to enable Finnish companies and organizations engage with quality diverse talents. Through Hanken International Talent, we offere easy-to-engage, easy-to-commit to and easy-to-execute talent collaborations like mentorships, thesis projects, internships, traineeships etc. 

Are you ready to explore, experiment and recruit? 

Join Hanken International Talent and make an impact to yourself, your company and Finland’s global future.

Sign up to learn more by contacting corporaterelations@hanken.fi

Hanken International Talent overview

HIT targets three areas of development:

  • Social capital & industry knowledge: gain an access to various networks and in-depth understanding of operations in Finnish companies and the industry, acquiring international understanding along the way
  • Professional development: get deep, hands-on expertise in the field of your choice
  • Personal growth: take control of your destiny and build skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, and effective collaboration

Greetings from Minna Martikainen, Dean of Education

We are looking for talent with leadership ability to become key contributors to the future success of Finland. Participants in Hanken International Talent will learn and excel over a two-year period through close ties between education and the working world. This unique and varied programme provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.

We believe in the individual, thus, Hanken International Talent is designed to be an efficient and supportive structure for developing talent. I believe that HIT is a great opportunity to launch our students’ careers in the right direction.